Stmpnk's Voxels 'n Stuff


You have a little brother?! And he can draw as well?!
You have one hell of an artistic family there!

Armor looks awesome as well! bet he’s good at making them


Thanks :blush:!
Actually I wanted to see my little brother’s thoughts about armor, and I redrew it from my understanding then voxel it.

He doesn’t take it seriously and doesn’t draw that much… never the less he’s still an artist to me and I’m proud of him :smile:.


I need help :confounded:! How do you make parts of the model glow again?


Gah! I had it once, but i forgot!
It was something to do with model and making SH consider a specific color glowing! (The #ooooff and such)

Maybe look into the Zombie? they have glowing eyes


I have already looked into it and so far didn’t see anything like that :confounded:.
I’m drowning in the folders…


Maybe look into my old TMC (the Mythical Creatures) mod?
It’s pretty old, but if the system didn’t change, the golem should still have the code required to make colors glow! And since the mod is relatively small it’d be a decent search!


Oh yeah! I remember, your golem got glowy bits :smile:.


Looking at the varanus:

     "material_maps": [

In that file there is the codes for each glowing color:

   "#6FFF90" : "stonehearth:glowing",
   "#62FF00" : "stonehearth:glowing",
   "#EEFF00" : "stonehearth:glowing",
   "#FF6000" : "stonehearth:glowing",
   "#FF6600" : "stonehearth:glowing",
   "#FF9900" : "stonehearth:glowing",
   "#FFCC00" : "stonehearth:glowing"


Thanks @BrunoSupremo :smile:! I’ll look into it.
Sorry for the late reply.


Finally got it to work :triumph:!
Thank you @Hyrule_Symbol and @BrunoSupremo for helping me with the material maps :blush:.

Here’s my attempt at a magma sword :smile: :

(Magma Sword at day)

(Magma Sword at night)

(with flame effects)

(Looking at her new hot sword)
Why isn’t her hands getting burned…

And here is a render of it:

“There was once a blacksmith fending off a demon, on the craters of the mountain of cinders. The blacksmith strangled the demon with his silver chains, pushing the demon in a pool of boiling magma. The demon cried and struggled, but silence followed in moments. With the blacksmith relieved from the danger and the demon itself, he pulled the chains out of the flaming pits. He was awed at what he had witnessed. The chain was charred and hardened, that it no longer bends. Together with the demon’s skull, all that is left of it, now forms a glowing heated blade of fire and magma… In that very fiery crater, he became the first of the magmasmiths.”

Hope the lore I made is not too cringey :sweat_smile:.
More models to come soon :smiley:!


So freaking awesome! And the lorebit behind the weapon is perfect. :merry:


Thank you so much :jubilant:!


The flame effects are a little much for me right now, but I love the design of that sword. And how it glows! :merry:


I’ll tune it down a little :wink:.


These are some real awesome models! I love the Cannon!


Thanks :smile:! I’m fond of the cannon as well :blush:.


I decided to just drop by guys and read the threads I missed…
I’m not dead guys… just, err… picking up the gears and sprockets I lost when I hit my orange-automaton head :sweat_smile::sweat_drops::gear:. Exams are tough…


Under the sea~ :notes:


Under the sea~:musical_note:
Darling it’s better
Down here is wetter
Take it from me~:notes:

Fisher Job 🐟 + Archipelago Biome

ohh lovely suite :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: