Fan art of villagers, mobs and creatures!

Hey guys as the title says I’ll be doing some fan art so here is my first:

His name is Victor the Villager.

Here’s another one:

Her name is Cassandra the Carperender

The third instalment:

His name is Seth the Soldier!

This little fella was requested of me:

His name is William and this is the link to the creators page: Project Animated Entertainment - Steps on learning Animation

My fifth creation:

A raiding Goblin named Gauleb

Number 6 in my drawings:

It’s the Cthulhu Titan


hey @BoltzMan… perhaps its just me, but this is all i see… :cry:

I have the same problem! You are not alone Steve!

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Sorry but a I have to finish it. :frowning:

i cant wait to see what you come up with.

Insert image doesn’t exist any more XD

excellent… these look great! keep refining your skill, and posting new images! :smiley:

Really cute cartoony style, keep it up!

Thanks for drawing my character, he looks sooooooo adorable! Glad to see your drawings are really getting noticed!

Maybe I should ANIMATE them

Ya that’ll be great if you do!!!

Looks nice!!! :smile:

Hey guys I will be doing a one a day/one every second day type of transition for my drawings. Just so I don’t run out of ideas too soon.

I like your guys a lot! there so cut.