Sketch's NEW Art n' Animation Page! Yes, you should check it out! NEW PICTURE!

Hello everyone,
Sorry for being gone for a REALLY long time, long story…
Anyways, I have gotten into the kick of things again, and I have decided to “Dust Off” my so called skill.
Soon I will be creating animations for YouTube, but until then, I will be posting fan - art!

Stonehearth Worker v2
I tried using my personal drawing technique on Stonehearth characters, and, well… tell me what you think!
I would LOVE to hear from you, good or bad! :wink:
P.S. I can also take suggestions for drawings, if you want to leave any!


I can’t wait for what you will bring in the future :smile: your art style really harnesses the stonehearth feeling.

Thank you for the positive feedback! :slight_smile:

I didn’t know if it would, but I guess so. :wink:


For everyone who has to go to school tomorrow! ( Such as myself… :frowning: )

Happy learning! >:)


No picture today, sorry. :frowning: Probably able to make one tomorrow though! :slight_smile:

As I promised, here is today’s picture! It… well…

@SteveAdamo : Forum Moderator
In all honesty, no harsh feelings to Steve, just he can be SCARY at times! :smile:


kid… I kid! :smile:

love the image… he’s a handsome devil if I do say myself! :wink:

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Sighs joyfully

Thank you!

What a crazy three posts…

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New art! It is a part of my new “Medieval Soldiers” series that will come in parts!

First up, a Stonehearth Billman!