Weekly FanArt : Crossbow Girl

I started stonehearth alpha one week ago.

I loved this game, so I drawing crossbow girl.

**Link : http://cfile21.uf.tistory.com/original/2433113753006ECA347086**

You can see her in media menu from stonehearth homepage.

I will be bring new fan art when next week. maybe :slight_smile:


Very nice artwork looking forward to see more :wink:

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looks very nice :thumbsup:

Sweet… I like the style :).

Hope you don’t mind I embedded the drawing for you!

Really great and I’m loving the style, I’m definitely looking forward to see what else you will show us!

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Looks awesome! You did the “Stonehearth” style very well.

wow, just wow! welcome aboard @Goldmetal:smile:

absolutely beautiful work… matches the SH theme perfectly … can’t wait to see what else you develop!

FYI - Radiant was recently looking for a concept artist … just saying… :+1:

Great job :smile:
I’d like to invite you to join us at the :arrow_forward: Steffers Geodamo Siphoning Center for Painting and Stuff which is my favorite topic ever and a good place to share your skills (or lack of, which clearly isn’t your case :P) but doesn’t matter. IT’S ALL ABOUT THE ART!


@SteveAdamo, @Geoffers747, should we consider adding some tuition for exceptionally talented individuals?


WOW, I am absolutely loving the style.
Please do many more!


:heart_eyes: more, please!
I have a request if you want to take it…
I wanted to draw a settler playing/sitting with all the Kickstarter pets around him (a puppy, a kitty, a dragon whelp and a little mammoth), but wasn’t able because of my current lack of skills and time, and also because it was difficult for me to draw the mammoth.

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(twenty charaters)

correct me if im wrong @Geoffers747, but i believe, according to Article 3, subsection 2, paragraph 6, that “praise from El Jeffe is grounds for immediate induction into the Founder’s Club within the Steffers Geodamo Center”… is it not?

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