Weekly FanArt : Crossbow Girl

I started stonehearth alpha one week ago.

I loved this game, so I drawing crossbow girl.

**Link : http://cfile21.uf.tistory.com/original/2433113753006ECA347086**

You can see her in media menu from stonehearth homepage.

I will be bring new fan art when next week. maybe :slight_smile:


Very nice artwork looking forward to see more :wink:


looks very nice :thumbsup:


Sweet… I like the style :).


Hope you don’t mind I embedded the drawing for you!

Really great and I’m loving the style, I’m definitely looking forward to see what else you will show us!


Looks awesome! You did the “Stonehearth” style very well.


wow, just wow! welcome aboard @Goldmetal:smile:

absolutely beautiful work… matches the SH theme perfectly … can’t wait to see what else you develop!

FYI - Radiant was recently looking for a concept artist … just saying… :+1:


Great job :smile:
I’d like to invite you to join us at the :arrow_forward: Steffers Geodamo Siphoning Center for Painting and Stuff which is my favorite topic ever and a good place to share your skills (or lack of, which clearly isn’t your case :P) but doesn’t matter. IT’S ALL ABOUT THE ART!


@SteveAdamo, @Geoffers747, should we consider adding some tuition for exceptionally talented individuals?


WOW, I am absolutely loving the style.
Please do many more!


:heart_eyes: more, please!
I have a request if you want to take it…
I wanted to draw a settler playing/sitting with all the Kickstarter pets around him (a puppy, a kitty, a dragon whelp and a little mammoth), but wasn’t able because of my current lack of skills and time, and also because it was difficult for me to draw the mammoth.



(twenty charaters)


correct me if im wrong @Geoffers747, but i believe, according to Article 3, subsection 2, paragraph 6, that “praise from El Jeffe is grounds for immediate induction into the Founder’s Club within the Steffers Geodamo Center”… is it not?