Weekly FanArt : Capenter

Good to see you again~
I drew a new fanart, the Carpenter!

He worked to crafting many things for workers.

Have a good time & See you next week~ :blush:


I really like the way you translate the look of Stonehearth into your drawings… :thumbsup:.

Maybe a small comment on a second glance. His left arm looks a bit dettached from the body as the left shoulder is pointing downwards while it should point a bit forward, no? But that is “complaining” on a high level :wink:.


Really like the drawing! Keep up the good work!

Your drawing is so cute. I really like your art style=) And it fit to the game.

Awesome! Looks great!

You should do a golem or something.

I’ll say it again, you :heavy_plus_sign: Radiant concept artist position [size=20]=[/size] perfect match!

really enjoying your work… :+1:


Woah, that is a good drawing!

your doing a great work. please continue making all thise good drawings @Goldmetal

Wow, your great at this.