Weekly FanArt : Debugging wizard, Tom

Glad to see you again.

Today, I bring a fan art for Tom cannon.

Yeah, he mentioned debugging tool last month.
I come to mind it, I decided that drawing topic.

Thanks & See you next week~


Ha, this is amazing! I’m sure @Tom will like it a lot!

Although you’ll have to do one for each of the team now :stuck_out_tongue:


this is amazing i can just imagine tome doing that jump but I’ve got a question why don’t you make a topic where you do al of your fan art so someone who just found out about stone hearth and finds the discourse and sees one of your amazing pieces and then he/she tries to find more but has difficulty

Once again, Amazing work!

Go @Tom you can make it :slight_smile:
Once again you amaze us all @Goldmetal

i was going to grab some goofy “you’re amazing!” image from google, but i didnt want it to come off chessy (as you really are pretty spectacular)…

just. so. talented! :+1:

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I hope he could debug all the game =P You have a great imagination =D Amazing art =)

gheheh, nice. I bet he would love to have such a tool if it was actually working.

Looks great. Know what this reminds me of? Doctor Who’s Sonic Screwdriver, but instead of accomplishing random tasks for the Doctor, Tom’s Sonic Screwdriver debugs games :smile:!


I like how you added the coffee on there. :slight_smile:

So amazing. @Tom would be proud.