Weekly FanArt : Trapper is magician?


I enjoying alpha2 version.
So I drew trapper.

I think, she(or he) can make many snare trap by magic! Maybe… :wink:


This is wonderful! Please don’t forget to put all your drawings in some kind of gallery! :slight_smile:


that a pretty trapper


This is awesome.

It all makes sense now, the trapper is magic.


fantastic work, as always! :smile:

and i so envy your natural artistic talent… but who can i blame? @Geoffers747? my high school guidance counselor? global warming?

weeps openly


Lets blame either @Geoffers747 or Global Warming… I’m liking the first one.


There’s nothing - nothing global war- climate cha- global climactic disruption can’t do.


Also, lovely piece of art there @Goldmetal :slight_smile: .


Keep this up @Goldmetal and I might just have to give you a title worthy of your drawing ability!

Amazing drawing as usual :smiley:


All this Carbon Dioxide in the air, it makes my hands shake… :wink:

@Goldmetal Your art is awesome as always! Do tell, though, did you do your sketch on the computer, a Wacom tablet, did you scan it, etc…?


I used Wacom tablet Intuos4~ Thx :smile:

Weekly FanArt : Original drawing style

This is pretty amazing!


Thanks for the info, I might buy, if I wasn’t so poor…

Robert Zhang: Will Rake Leaves 4 Work!

Rehabilitation Center For Untitled Minions

Ha, this is awesome love the bunnies faces. Do you plan to do anymore? please do!


indeed, we miss you @Goldmetal! :smile:

oh, and welcome aboard @Nar5ial:+1:


Thank you much appreciated! :slight_smile: