Sorry to no fanArt lately

I had not enough time for drawing fan artwork,
so no post until two weeks…
(because, very hard working in company, I lost little my mental ~ :frowning:)

But, don’t worry.
I most be post fan artwork on next week!
Yeah, I will come back~.

See you again next week.


oh. Hope you get better :frowning:

Such a depressing drawing that emulates the pain I am going though as well.
Go college! :fearful: (why must cats always laugh at our pain? xD)

Looking forward to seeing more of your amazing art! :smile:

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Don’t give @Newf more fodder… :stuck_out_tongue:

I feel your pain. My cat likes to bite me without no reason whatsoever and then run away like a coward.

you take all the time you need… your ravenous fans will wait (somewhat) patiently… :smile:

What?! No Goldmetal fan art for over a week?!

Riot Commences


Burn down the Forums!

The General Discussion area will be mine, anything else is up for grabs.

Viva la revolution!




you know, its just plain sad when your “scribble art” trumps something I could spend weeks on… :smile:


Well, atleast your art is better than @Geoffers747’s “art”

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Wanna join in on the revolution? You can have the Fan Art section!

All you’ll have to do is to draw propaganda posters!

i’ll go unleash the bugs upon to this forum bahaha :laughing:

Down with you Rebels! For I Newf am here to restore lore and order! Get back to your daily lives now, Or I shall end them with my sword!

What I really look like:


I use to have that armor set the dog is wearing. Just saying. xD

Think I did too… :slight_smile:

Pretty much everyone had a cheap set of plastic knight armour at some point during their lives