Hello Everyone, Again!

Sorry you had to wait. Gentlemen n ladies!
I’m back after a long absence. Right?

Because I had so hard working time for 5 month
so I didn’t have a lot of opportunities to visit our page.
(And spend time for rest…)

Fortunately,I don’t have much work to do these days, I have lots of free time. recently.
Yeah, I’m come back and I’ll start drawing activity.

I’ll bring fan art at an early date.
But first, I need playing SH. (so many changed thing, it’s wonderful!)

Thanks for read this & waiting for me a lot of time.
See you soon~


All praise the returned PicPic Conceptor :bow:

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well, welcome back @Goldmetal! we’ve certainly missed you and your wonderful art! :smile: :+1:

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Welcome back @Goldmetal :smiley: !

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Yep. Welcome back! :smiling_imp: