One of my Characters!

Hi there!
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As i promised, i’m mimicing @Goldmetal 's Style

This one is for practice, and there’ll be a bigger one later

(i had to keep her eye colors…)

she’s a secondery character that represents me (the main being a ‘He’)

good… ‘enough’ i suppose (for practice)

I don’t have Photoshop(witch would have made it better to be honest)

but i do have Open Canvas, i can squeeze out a similar thing out… i guess


i’ll be back with the actual thing later!
(since this is a StoneHearth art style… this category fits!.. right?)

Symbol Out!


job well done! she looks great! :smile: :+1:

there are two small nitpicks I would make though…

  1. the hair going behind her eye

  2. we only see one “arm”, and its not clear which hand it belongs to

but overall, you did a great job with this!

yes sir… this is in the correct location…

The hand on the right belongs to the shoulder we see (pretty clearly)
the other one is the left arm kinda stretching backwards i’d say

the eye… yeah… GoldMetals style doesn’t have that
it’s kind of my old habit i have

but still


Great work overall, though I do agree with @SteveAdamo

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nice job! also do you have a website where you have all your art? i would love to see some more.

I use to upload them on Twitter, but that’s a bit old now…

thinking about it, i should use the deviant art acount i made a while ago

so… i don’t have one right now, but i’d be making it soon, thanks to you


Nice work!
Also your characters are so cute~ :blush: