Stonehearth Quick Sketch

Hey everyone,
just made a quick sketch of a possible scene from Stonehearth!

It is a goblin raid taking place at night, but you knew that! I hope my picture isn’t THAT messy
If you have ANY comments, feel free to post them. :slight_smile:


dang it! another great artist on the discourse. as @Newf says, my pencil mocks me in the other room.

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At first I actually thought it was a bunch of hearthlings casually enjoying the campfire. But that was because I didn’t notice the axes being swung overhead at first. :no_mouth: Silly me.

You have these weird shapes all over the picture though, what are they supposed to be? They’re all… non-quarish and significantly lack edges! :confounded:

Looks like we have a new @Goldmetal or @Hyrule_Symbol coming to the forum! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Group replying time!

[quote=“8BitCrab, post:2, topic:11649”]
another great artist
[/quote]Thanks! :smile:

[quote=“Sern, post:3, topic:11649”]
Silly me.
[/quote]Silly you. :wink:

[quote=“Raffo, post:4, topic:11649”]
They’re all… non-quarish and significantly lack edges!
[/quote]The drawing was aimed to be fast, but I get REALLY messy when I work fast.

[quote=“FerretBandit, post:5, topic:11649”]
new @Goldmetal or @Hyrule_Symbol
[/quote]Honestly, I have been around for a bit, just my work was not very presentable.

Later today, I aim to begin working on details for each character, then later this week I shall incorporate the details into the full piece, eventually bring out a lovely image!


so your like me then, make a “rough draft” picture first, and then redo it it and fill in all the little details.

unless i misunderstood you…