Archer! [Fan Art]

(another phone wallpaper eh? [click to zoom in])

[Skipping the intro]

So… many things on the line now!

1: the update for The Mythical Creatures

2: Drawings

3: 3D renderings

4: Relation Map for The Mythical Creatures

Witch is quite an amount if you ask me


Don’t worry, i’ll keep my pace


i didn’t really play SH in a while now, so i wonder if all the saving issues where fixed

mine was a bug where if i selected ‘save’ the window will pop up but if i told it to write a new save, it wouldn’t make it
and if i told it to overwrite it, it will just delete it

so… if that’s fixed, i might rejoin the SH race


i don’t have time so… i’m out!


Symbol Out!


@Hyrule_Symbol … you have progressed considerably! this is a great piece!

in fact, I think it warrants a suitable title… congrats! :smile:

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Yay! Thanks @SteveAdamo !

I Finally have a Title that has my Title in it!

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Beautiful! Once again with the shiny hair… :smile:

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once again you make me wish i had a phone, excellent work! and a well deserved title also.

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The pens start throwing tomatoes at @Newf


the speed paint for the Archer has been uploaded!


Very nice work sir! Thanks for sharing.

Symbol, would it be okay if i used some of your art work in a video of mine?

what kinde of video is it @Revolution_714 ?

Its a story about an adventure a hearthling goes on, and i thought maybe i could u that picture to depict the main character

Its kinda like fan made lore

Yeah, i’m okay with that
go for it @Revolution_714 !

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