Symbol's art and stuff! -Changed profile pic!

Hi there!
Symbol here!
(and yes, i’m following Pandemic in the topic name)

(click to zoom in)


Most of the images are sized down to upload it into the forum so please check the links below to get the full resolution image


i’m having a real blast making thees images (even though it takes forever to render)
and i hope i can bring even more for you soon!

Link to Files

-Dryad’s day-


-Storage House-

-TMC Forest Splash screen-

-TMC Arachne Splash screen-

-The Wind From Over The Hill-


Symbol Out!


Absolutely marvelous. It really is amazing what is possible when using voxels and Blender.

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I like this style,very good!

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this is absolutely adorable, bordering on the obscenely cute… :smile:

well done! :+1:


I thought you were @Goldmetal’s rival already?

Also, I have been looking for a desktop picture. You came along just in time with some AMAZING work!

i think he has more rivals then friends ^^


Haha! i’ll be all the Rivals!


Also, glad i’m in time :slight_smile:


Hey! i have Quite an amout of Friends @Wiese2007

And i also have Quite an amount of Rivals…


Rivals can be friends can’t they?

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the most friends are rivals :wink: everybody needs a rival so its all ok ^^


@Pandemic, your padawan has turned against you! :frowning:


@Hyrule_Symbol, please take care and don’t burn your computer :anguished:
we couldn’t live without your creations, just like those of @Goldmetal or @Pandemic, and he has had problems with his computer sometimes.

I’m just concerned, because long rendering times can be bad for your machine if it’s low or middle-end.


Wonderful, another new desktop background :smile:

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Beautiful! And look, there’s even water in the backround.

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my life is much more complete! i need to get my own computer now just for this.

Omg Ferret, i clicked your video and scrolled up, and what i thought i was hearing was incredibly disturbing. lol.

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Hi there!

Symbol Here!


(yes, i’m not dead)

[Click HERE for the 2560 x 1440 ver]

This Rendering only took two days (about 4 hours) on preparing, and 1 hour and 30 mins to render (1300 samples)

I’m not so sure if i nailed the sheep or not. I did want to get a toy-like feel in the overall rendering so i suppose it’s decent in that sense.

i’v recently got a slight idea for the next one, so stay tuned for that!

Symbol Out!


love it! its amazing how you were able to translate a drawing into this :smile:

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Okay! My Graphic Card went down a couple of days ago and i bought a new and better one!
(i used pocket money i originally saved to buy a decent mic)

aparently this one is three times more faster then the old one! (and there goes my mic for a while…)

meaning that i’ll be able to make renderings more faster and with more sampling/quality, since i use the GPU to render stuff

i’ve got a decent idea for the next rendering, but i really have a lot to designing to do for the mod too (the update after this one might be a big one)

i can’t tell a ETA for the next rendering more the mod, but i believe it’s not necessary going to be ‘Too’ long (a promise that i’m good at breaking aparently)

i’ll… try,


Can’t wait to see what’s next!

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