Dryad (Of the Oak Tree?) + Fan Art

Hi there!

I’m Hyrule Symbol
just call me Symbol if you wish

playing StoneHearth i stumbled into this Tree

‘Ancient Oak Tree’… quite a name if you ask me

since this is a Fantasy Game, and i like the sounds of that
i thought what if we added a mythical… spirit in the game?

the ‘Dryad’ a mythical spirit of the Oak Tree(if i’m correct)

since we’re adding races later (by the looks of it)

i thought it would be cool to add some friendly(hopefully) NPC type races

this is a concept art of mine of a Dryad

the Dryad is in the Tree (zoom in by clicking it i suppose?)
(It’s originally 2560x1440) looks a bit sketchy (also in the literal way) but i guess it’s fine enough

Feel free to use it in the game if you want to (i doubt it)

My idea being something like this:

We’ll be able to plant trees soon right?(seems possible to me)

What if the Dryad is related to the trees around her?
trees growing faster near the Tree that the Dryad lives
Or if you grant the Dryad and her Tree protection from the monsters (like goblins)
The Dryad herself will grant you a special Seed
that if you plant it, it grows into a Really big Tree?

And something like this:

If you start chopping a Tree that has a Dryad living in it
the Dryad will fight back, and if the dryad dies(or if the tree gets chopped)
the surrounding trees will wither off and trees will not grow fast in that region as usual

and this is the close up version of the Dryad (drawn by a pencil)

that’s all i have to say!

i’ll be back with another Artwork or suggestion! (if i have any)


I like the idea, and the art!

EDIT: Completely forgot to welcome you to the forum!


You sir/lady are officially awesome.
Also welcome to the forum feel free to introduce yourself at

She’s so cute!!!

Now I want dryads to be a playable race.

actually combat is the next focus, as there was planned to be an entire playstyle based on combat.

Ents are a thing, they will exist.

Think giant tree people.


WE will have friendly bunny people. And no race will always be friendly i am willing to guess, you could go to war with anyone if you wish.

Your art is beautiful btw.


welcome aboard @Hyrule_Symbol! :smile:

you are clearly incredibly talented (love the dryad!)… looking forward to any other pieces you share! :+1:


They are already in the game folders so they are definitely getting worked on.

Bit late to send a welcome wagon. but whatever.

Welcome @Hyrule_Symbol your idea and art is amazing, I can’t wait to see more of you on the discourse!