The Dryad on the 'What sould Tom do?' list?!

Hi there!
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And i know it’s weird to make a post that been in so long and isn’t even about a mod or rendering (in someways it’s about the mod, i suppose)


@sdee @Tom
I Know this is like… Totaly out of my power to ‘order’ or ‘demand’, so this would be a… question, i guess

I can’t watch streams live because i’m in school in that time (witch isn’t fabulous)
and i heard from Drotten that a Tree Dryad was on the ‘what should Tom do’ list

so i watched it, and it was true

I was wondering if you could kinda spare the Dryad for… me, or rather the Mod that i’m working on.

since i’m actually working on her (the image below)

(the model can and probably will be tweaked a few times later)


I don’t mean like Totaly gone, but just kinda so it’s maybe not call a ‘Dryad’ or atleast not having a big role in the Champaign or something.

By the way, the name ‘Dryad’ is bound to a Tree Nymph of a ‘Oak Tree’
So if you’re going for a general aproach on the tree spirits, it’ll be more accurate to use the name ‘Tree Nymph’ rather then ‘Dryad’,
but this is a fantasy world of SH so anything can happen


Again, i know i have no rights or power to order, demand anything, but this is kind of a permission request (i don’t think that’s the right word)

i’ll accept whatever respond you make, i can probably work my way around it.
this post is just to let you guys know that me having the Dryad will likely make the Mod more Compleat and would make me feel more happy about it (By the way, the mods plans are huge, and centers largely around the Dryad)

My solution(?) will be if you could maybe name her not ‘Dryad’ but maybe something like ‘Tree Nymph’ or have her have no significant role on the campaign.
just one of thoes two would totally solve the problem for me

Symbol Out!

(Ps: i know that the whole list thing might never return having the Dryad in it and is likely to have no significant… anything, but that still made me nervous…)


I’m not sure what to make of this. I always understood the purpose of the modder is to make the game what they want it to be. If I notice the absence of goats in Stonehearth, I am free to create and code my own goats into the game for all to see and envy. If I the goat is added to the game, good for me! This way everybody gets to experience goats that were created by a professional - and I am free to focus on other ideas. If the developer creates a goat after I make and showcase my goats, I should be proud. Very likely, in the case of Stonehearth, the developer saw my goats and was inspired to add in his own goats. It should be taken as a compliment.

With that said, I’m looking forward to seeing what Team Radiant creates. While fan art on this forum has always been incredible, theirs seems to have just a that little extra something that fits so well in the game. Along with the addition of ents, I really can’t wait to see how they bring this all together.


I get what you’re saying, and as i said; i can probably work around it

i was just saying that this is a thing, and i’ll be thankful if they considered it even a little

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