Playable Races (elves)

I know that Dwarves, Northmen and Rabbit clan will be some new playable races but did somebody know if elves will be add also? It would be a great race to complete the “fantasy world” of Stonehearth. :grinning::deciduous_tree::evergreen_tree:

I don’t think elves are officially in the gameplan (yet). However it would be fairly hard to find a resource for them to “main” since I just don’t see elves cut down trees or live in caves. Perhaps the Candyland biome could be paired with an Elven-Fairy type ?

Way back in the days of Warcraft 3, the Night Elves used wisps to harvest timber from trees without actually cutting them down - you could no doubt do something similar in Stonehearth.

Or maybe, i thinked of some friendly ents that produce Woods like sheeps with shepherds

Or a special biome xoth giant trees to make tree houses for elves and they don’t remove trees with axes but with magic spells maybe :confused: