The potential of races

Hey yall, I’m here with another random fourm post! Let’s talk races. As you all should know by now, team radiant has stated there will be multiple different races in the future. I’m here to talk about how this would effect the gameplay of your or any town. Let’s start with the non-human races, or as I like to call them, the other half. Just as a side-note, in every race, I will go over aesthetic and class differences each race could make, as well as general gameplay stuff.

The Rabbit-people

As you all know, the rabbit people were one of the first stretch goals in the kickstarter to be reached. Similar to goblins or dwarves, they will be playable eventually.
This may or may not change gameplay as well, but I can imagine the rabbits having hobbit home-like “buildings”. They would probably use a lot of organic décor, since they are rabbits after all. The only problem this could generate is the mason losing even more purpose and the carpenter gaining more.
As I stated with the whole “organic” thing, the rabbits would mostly stray from inorganic materials in their classes (sorry blacksmith). Another thing they would stray from is meat. Obviously because rabbits are vegetarians. This means farmers would be extremely important, and there would be no such thing as a trapper, or hunter. Sheep herding might still be possible, but they still couldn’t kill animals. As for combat, I think the rabbits would use things like roots (like the large rabbit from the loading screen) as well as branches, and maybe even an earlier magic orientation.
There’s not much I haven’t already gone over. Rabbits would have a more magic and organic focus, as well as having different building strategies.


For those of you whom doubt me, yes, goblins will be playable in the future. Let’s go over them.
I imagine the goblins having a warlike feeling to their villages, buildings, and etc. They would also have a “generic fantasy monster” feel to their villages, with things like heads on spikes, demonic campfires, cages, and such.
Obviously, goblins main orientation would be on killing stuff, in 2 ways to be exact. First off, their food supply, and their homes. Notices how almost everything in the goblin camp is made of dead stuff. Their homes, clothes, their campfire, even some of their weapons. Where would they get all this? Trapping and hunting of course. The hunter class, as a matter of fact, would probably be a more basic class, because of the goblins ‘dead stuff’ requirements. The mason/ blacksmith also might be more basic classes, since I noticed the don’t really use wood for anything except maybe their campfire. The second part of the killing, is combat. Obviously in the current game goblins are very combat- oriented, so why not make it that way? Crafting would obviously focus on supplying your warriors, and perhaps footmen could be more important?
As I said, a lot of goblin life would be combat-related. However, what I failed to mention is my thoughts on houses. First off, they would be made mostly out of pelts, with a bit of wood. Albeit I have no clue on how indoor décor would work, I do know that goblins wouldn’t really have a permanent settlement. They would always move their homes, looking for hearthlings, rabbits, and dwarves to pick on. Only very late in to the game would you have a permanent settlement, and even then, you would be sending goblins here and there, to and fro, to attack all the other races.

That’s all the time I have for now, next time I’ll be talking about dwarves and The Ascendancy ( the green shirts). But there’s only one last thing I want to say, and that is how frustrating it is that goblins would get a beastmaster way early on thanks to the wolves.

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They never stated that the Goblins would be playable nor the Rabbit race, it’s more likely the Rabbit race will become your trade partner and potentially another enemy if you attack them, it’s also likely they will progress similar to the player.

please note I’m just stating my opinion.

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Currently, I believe the plan is that you’ll be able to play as the 3 human factions, and (post-release) the dwarves. The goblins et al will be enemies, and the rabbits will be trading partners. However, I’m pretty sure that all the factions have been coded identically, such that it doesn’t take that much work for a modder to change this :slight_smile:

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I have nothing against your opinion. It’s just that I have done plenty of research on the wikis and Raj Mann’s composing. Raj Mann released a video showcasing musical themes she had for what she stated as future playable races. Amongst these were the goblins and the rabbit people. Plus, the official stonehearth wiki puts the rabbit people, dwarves, and goblins under future playable races, and even has a photo from a past livestream featuring playable goblins. I hope you can understand my case.

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I can only imagine the Rabbit People building gigantic churches and such, you know, for magic. cough


It’s such a pity that they didn’t include the elf ( or elven ) race at least as a mercenary or as a pay-able labor force.

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well, i might make a mod for this, once a get a bit better of an understanding on this stuff. and it alos might have to wait until after the new UI comes out, hopefully alpha 11 is when that comes out…

also, welcome to the discourse :smile:

Ah, thank you. I wanted to post some fan art but I don’t know what style I should use.

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well, any style works well with stonehearth, @Goldmetal has a very cute style of her own, @Hyrule_Symbol has done a few different styles, i’ve also seen a few manga-ish stonehearth drawings. all of these look and fit well with stonehearth.

if you have your own style for artwork, i would love to see what you can do :smile:

Okay, thank you! I will try to use my own style with a bit of the bright-side of Stonehearth. I guess I will go for Footman first.

NOTE: Expect it to be non-colored because… I suck at coloring.

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that will be a nice treat actually, as im a big fan of Black and White drawings, and i dont believe that any “un-colored” fan art has been posted before.

[quote=“Eckitera, post:10, topic:13021”]
I suck at coloring.
[/quote]dont worry, i suck at art on a whole :laughing: :joy::disappointed:

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I agree, elves seem to be given much less love than dwarves nowadays. I personally feel much more attuned to elvish things than dwarvish. Anyway, it’s true that that’s what modding will be for :slight_smile:

Come to think of it, elves might just have a perfect little spot in stonehearth. The ranged combat! The (unused by any other race, as far as I can tell) graceful curving architecture of their buildings! Oh my! So much potential! Perhaps when I’m done talking about the already planned races I could speak of potential races! Maybe I could even talk about those orcs from twitch stream numbers #38/#43!

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Alright, I think it’s about time I talked about my thoughts on the dwarves and the ascendancy. I’ll start with the dwarves.


Dwarves were the last stretch goal to be reached in the kickstarter.
Quite the opposite of the rabbits, their architecture would take a more inorganic route, making guys like the mason useful. They would also use metal things like fences, gates, perhaps even unique bells and fountains made of things like gold or bronze. Not to mention, tunneling would be their special, and they could perhaps have more unique mining options for tunneling. So, they would have décor you’d see in a dungeon/cave! Wall braziers, pots of iron, etc.
When it comes to food, dwarves would be a bit odd. They’d eat most anything but vegetation, but perhaps could eat vegetation with meat, or eat more refined vegetation, like soup. (cook anyone?). Animal products would be perfectly fine, and, not to mention, alcoholic drinks (brewer) would be a focus of dwarves as well. So, although turnips might be an issue, turnip wine would not. As for combat, dwarves would take a higher melee approach, dwarves being dwarves, and have more metals in their combat, arousing issues with classes like the archer. Also, blacksmiths and masons would probably be some of the more important classes, with the carpenter being not so important.
As I mentioned, dwarves would take more of a focus to living in mountains and using inorganics, so dwarves would be the better choice for a player who wants to make his settlement in a cave. I also mentioned their dietary habits and focus on melee combat, so… yeah… not much else to say…

The Ascendancy

These are, the green shirted people. I could skip them, ya know? But I won’t. I actually do have something to say about them.
I mentioned earlier Raj Mann’s 5 songs she wrote for playable races. I noticed how she made the Ascendancy’s song sound like. It had an extremely Irish feel to it. So, although I doubt their houses will change that much from now, I think maybe their décor could get a more Irish feel to it in the future?
All I have to say here is that I think The Ascendancy will be more of the balanced “middle men” here. Dwarves, goblins, and perhaps orcs and The Northmen’s Alliance? Probably a tad bit more on the melee side. Rabbits and Raya’s children? Magic, melee and maybe a tiny bit of range. So who’s gonna be a balance of these? Obviously, The Ascendancy.
Not much to say here… No siree…

Alright, that’s all for today, next time I’ll be going over The Northmen’s Alliance and Raya’s Children. See ya!