Rabbits vs Dwarves

So This is just some food for thought.

The creators of this game said in an interview that the rabbits were going to be “like our versions of dwarves”.
So If the bunny men are just like dwarves whats the point of having both?

Honestly I would like to see the bunny men become a fully fledged civilisation instead of Having dwarves.

Or atlas create a situation where bunny men and dwarves really hate each other and commence underground warfare.

So what do you think? Bunny men >, <, or = to Dwarves.


I am pro dwarf so i lean towards them. But they also said that it was possible that eventually the bunnies would be a playable race.

Im pro dwarf as well. The bunnies are fine, but have them includable in modules. if you want to make them a playable race, also fine, but that can come later.

I would honestly prefer elves before i see rabbits as a full race.

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I’d like to play as the bunny race or perhaps new races, frankly Im tired of dwarves and elves and the like. Bunnehs forever


im very excited about the dwarves, primarily because of what their introduction means to the underground experience…

the lagomorphs i find more intriguing, because i have no preconceptions as to how they live, how they will act, what their environments might look like, etc.

the unknown almost always > the standard fare … :wink:


I would like to play as both races.


I really want to play as bunnies. Hopefully, bunnies iff they become playable) will only build/dig slightly underground and have to look for food like carrots & other vegetables whereas dwarves are a proper kingdom whereby the go properly underground and barely come out.

I would rather see bunnies then dwarves first, but if dwarves come first then elves second because bunnies & dwarves might be a bit alike.

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Bunnies will over eat and populate the surrounding areas. While the Dwarves live underground and can build amazing statures, tools and weapons. I’m willing to live near Dwarves. The Bunnies are welcome in my area as long as we respect each other.

Well I think its important to remember that in the interview team radiant said something to the effect of how bunnies would live under ground.

In fact ill post the quote.
“In the single player mode, will there be different factions? You mentioned “raiders”, but will there also be civilizations and will players be able to ally with them against a common threat?
Yes, there will be both neutral and enemy factions. An example is the clan of underground rabbits, who are sort of like our version of dwarves. They have their settlements that you can potentially trade with. We want to keep the focus of the game mostly on your city, so we’re still trying to figure out the best way to interact with the other factions”


So I guess for me personally i think having Bunny men and dwarves seems a bit redundant!

i kind of like having them both. have a similar situation as humans and dwarfs where there is a bit of tension between them.
from the looks of it, dwarfs being a post release goal, is intended to be a fully fleshed out, underground experience. aka will be able to do a fair bit underground in regards to mining and resource production/management.

the bunny men where kind of a half way between the two, where they live underground but wont require all those underground features to be in the game before they are added. They can also be a clever way to give us some mining resources (like trading metal ores ect) before that part of game play is fully fleshed out.

tldr: they both have their place. But of course, it always depends on where they want to take the game.

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I like the idea of having both too, especially a bit bunny vs dwarf battle, though would the dwarves then take the dead bunnies n make a lovely wabbit stew? It’d be a good way to get some underground meat

@Vex yeah i understand where you are coming from with the being tired of the standard races, but answer me this: in what game were you able to manage a dwarven empire? If you say dwarf fortress, cool, the team is basing this off of that.

I guess im just saying that dwarves deserve some time in the sun (ha)

precisely… :slight_smile:

and look at it this way… we will have more than one race above ground (eventually), each with their own gameplay mechanics, nuances, etc. no reason why we cant have multiple underground races, each having their own specific sets of traits and unique characteristics…

the more the merrier…

well I’m guessing the rabbits will be a mixture of both as like real wabbits (I’m still in elmar fudd wabbit hunt mode :smiley:) just want anyone when you task them to attack a member of the rabbit race to go “shhhh…I’m hunting wabbits” haha I reckon the rabbits should have a small area above ground for various things like carrot patches and festival stuff but the buildings should be burrows underground and they’re skill would be superfast digging and making pothole style bunkers so they can ambush potential invaders

The rabbits are an NPC race, their stretch goal doesn’t say anything about them being a playable race. The dwarves on the other hand are explicitly a playable race. How lame would it be if you could be any race in the game, I think playing as goblins or kobolds would be awesome but one or the other needs to stay an NPC only race. Forces you to actually interact with the NPC races rather than getting your buddy to roll that race and just give you whatever perks that races has.

I dont see how having every race be playable would be lame at all. That statement dosen’t make any sense to me.
Thats like going to a kid and teling him “you can look at this cotton candy but you cant tast it”.

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You could do something like rabbits living close to the surface in the soil layer, while dwarves live deeper in the rock layers. The roots of trees would then be in the rock layer, and dwarves would have to go “outside” of their usual environment, but not to the surface, if they need timber. Just like humans go out of their houses if they want to chop down trees.

I’m for the bunnies all the way. I fell in love with the concept art and would prefer to see the Lagomorph race finished and in game before dwarves, probably because a race of underground Bunnies is fairly original where as dwarves occur in every medieval fantasy game. Not that I’m against the dwarves; I’d just like to see Bunnies finished first.

As for game play, I definitely want every race to encourage significantly different play styles. I’m OK with the Bunnies being an NPC race until after the dwarves are finished, so that they can figure out what would be fun and unique for their race.

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Dwarves is a post-release stretch goal, bunnies isn’t. So there ya go.

They still haven’t said bunnies will be a playable race.