Playble races... now about rabbits

i LOVE what you are doing with the rabbit clan I would like to see them soon and I would like to sugest that they can be a playble race or would i create a mod whare it urns the harthlings inbto rabbits because one way or another I would play that race sooooooo much. its just a sugestion im probly shur i can make a mod for it… right?

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Hello friend =^.^=

I know that Tom has said that the rabbit clan will not be a playable race. Which is a bummer, but we will be getting dwarfs as a playable race. Not for awhile, but it is something to look forward to. I bet you are anyone else could make it a mod though. Hope this helped


With RA being in now and being a seperate mod it wouldn’t be too hard.


Warning. Rant below.

Personally I find the rabbit clan far mot interesting than the dwarfs. It feels like the rabbit clan was intended but then people expected a game with mining to include dwarfs and wouldn’t shut up about it so they got included. Wasn’t the rabbit clan even meant to be the Stonehearth version of dwarfs?
Sure, dwarfs can be fun and this game engine is perfect for a game about dwarfs, but that doesn’t mean that dwarfs are perfect for Stonehearth. The big problem is that we know dwarfs and if they got included by popular demand they more or less have to live up to peoples expectations of what dwarfs are like, which makes them quite frankly boring compared to the mysterious rabbit clan.
Yes, I know, it’s not the first time someone makes rabbit people, but they are not associated with a specific personality, culture och style in the same way as dwarfs are, so the possibilities for a unique design that is exiting to discover is far greater with the rabbits.
Dwarfs are also more suitable to be made as a mod since their style doesn’t differ that much from the humans so they probably won’t need very complicated changes in the engine. And since everyone knows their style it would be far easier for a group of moders that don’t share an office to work together on something like that.

Sorry for being negative. I don’t hate dwarfs. I will most likely enjoy playing them. I would just rather play something more unique now that there is an excellent opportunity to do so.

End of rant.

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nope. the rabbit clan are not stonehearths version of dwarfs, they are actually stonehearths version of hobbits. as confirmed by tom during a stream where he worked on the rabbit clan, stream #103 if i’m not mistaken.


The Rabbit-people were always intended to be NPCs; they were mentioned as such in one of the early stretch goals. [I believe Tom’s considered them being playable due to popular demand, but he didn’t seem to be very interested in the idea. Smae with goblins.] Playable dwarves were added as a stretch goal after all the previous ones were met. That was Radiant’s own choice.

Tom’s also talked about how the dwarves would need a lot of changes, as well - they’d need to prefer the underground to regular buildings for shelter, and the underground would need to be completely overhauled. Also, their dwarfism causes a few problems with pathfinding and building.


Ah, yes I remember that now that you mention it. My vague (and possibly faulty) memory of comparing rabbits to dwarfs are from way back though (like at the start of the kickstarter, before dwarfs had been added as a stretch goal) but I’m not even sure it was someone on the team that made the comparison.

Comparing rabbits to hobbits is much better. Still doesn’t excuse prioritizing the cliche dwarfs though. :stuck_out_tongue:

I thought they were working on the rabbit clan as a playable race?:confused:

to my knowledge the comparison of rabbit clan to dwarfs has always been by fans, never by a member of the team.

[quote=“Agon, post:7, topic:17981”]
Still doesn’t excuse prioritizing the cliche dwarfs though. :stuck_out_tongue:
[/quote]the reason the dwarfs got “prioritized” over the rabbit clan is because they were a stretch goal specifically for making a playable dwarven race. the rabbit clan was a stretch goal to be a friendly faction, not playable faction.

check the kickstarter page for more info

from what i understand, that was only ever fan speculation, the team only played around with the idea due to popular demand…
edit: oh, didnt see what @coasterspaul had said, sorry about almost plagiarizing you again mate :wink:


I know and I’m not saying they should do the rabbits instead of the dwarfs (sorry if it sounds like that). It’s a stretch goal and people have already paid for it so that’s not even up for discussion.
The prioritization that I didn’t agree with was to add a stretch goal about playable dwarfs in the first place, instead of adding a stretch goal about extending the rabbits to be playable.

I hope that they make the dwarfs their own version of dwarfs and not just what people expect. And I hope that when they are done with the dwarfs they have time and resources to make the rabbits playable as well. Yes, I know it’s quite likely that someone will make a mod for it if they don’t, but it’s the team’s/Tom’s design that I’m the most interested in.

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I was really hoping for Goblins being playable. Seems like we’ll have to rely on Mods for Goblins and Rabbits.