What races will be playable

Hey i was wandering can u play as all 5 kingdoms? and will there be more kingdoms to come? if someone could help i would much appreciate it. thanks :slight_smile:

There are 3 kingdoms of the Human playable race, and so far we only know of one Dwarf playable race. Other than that there are no other confirmed races. But once the dwarf is out of the way post-release, Radiant will come up with other races to include into the game in updates like with the dwarf.
Aside from that, Modders will be able to make their own playable races.
In short, there will be no shortage of playable races.

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Ok thx what races would u like to be added to the game? I would personally like elfs or orcs to be a playable race.

Well elves are surely an option, but what I would like to see is an aquatic race like maybe Merman or intelligent squids. Oh oh and bird people that conquer the skies! A bird peoples geomancer could create floating nest places.

Id love to play as the minions from overlord… hmm I may have to make that mod, but as a standard race definitely the goblins or orcs as playing as the baddies is always good fun

dont forget the lagomorphs! :smiley:

and while not a playable race (at least for now), given some time and a little elbow grease, i have faith the modding community may just “make it so”… hmm, can i squeeze in any more catch phrases?

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If I will ever be able to get some brutal modding skills (I doubt that this will ever happen, but who knows!) then I will make some kind of Ghostly Kingdom. Complete with spooky castles and haunted houses! :smile:

I do have some Ghostly fetish! (Don’t take this to seriously) And always thought there aren’t enough games where you could actually play as one/some! (I loved Geist on the gamecude and Ghost master on the PC)

:wink: - Ghost

Edit: Ritualist on Guild Wars 1 was also my favorite class

Alright the bird and ghost people sound very cool along with the mermen. I would think that if it is like a DND adventure then I would think that there would be a lot of playable races. Also Say if your playing as a goblin race persay, you could fight the humans and try to make a goblin army.

Two types to consider when adding playable groups.
Factions: These are essentially just a re-skin of an existing race, they may have some different bonuses but they are basically the same. Think of these as normal Civ4, all the civs have pretty much the same everything, some might have better science or better combat but overall it shouldn’t affect playstyle much at all.
Races: These should play differently, even if it’s within the same ruleset small tweaks can allow for radically different play styles. Take FfH2 as the example, it was designed to try and make every civ play differently something as technically minor like limiting someones amount of cities but making them all stronger made for a play style that is pretty much unique with careful resource management but each city was worth more than any others. At the other end of the spectrum you had things like the orc-y people that via the mechanic of debuffing tech but boosting production along with a special unit boosting building to cause them to become perfectly suited for rush strategies. The point is though that seemingly simple changes can generate the kind of large scale change that would suit different races here.

For an example a tiny change like a race that lives in the great ice plains could have large results like: minimal wood usage, increased stamina and strength, worse farmers but able to grow special snow plants, increased meat consumption and hunting, increased trade, ability to use ice/snow to build houses, increased defensive fortifications, increased stealth, and bigger moustaches. All of those have good solid reasons for them and should be enough to fairly majorly alter the way they play.


Dude I 100% agree with you but I would like to have done options when making a colony grow. Personally I find playing as humans boring I mean humans are in every game pretty much. I would like to just play as someone different.

I want to play as a dwarf!

Ya dwarf are very cool. that would be a sweet race to play as

The only playable race right now is the humans, but the developers will soon add dwarves and lagomorphs.

and for anyone who went - what’s a lagomorph (I did) here’s some info -The lagomorphs are the members of the taxonomic order Lagomorpha, of which there are two living families: the Leporidae (hares and rabbits) and the Ochotonidae (pikas). So the rabbit people

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For as of now you can only play three kingdoms
and two races human an dwarves.

you know, this seems like a silly thing to ask… but are the three playable kingdoms in addition to the “original” units we’ve seen in all the prototype videos, that have simply been referred to as “hardworking settlers”? is there a name for this existing faction of units? have i missed something so fundamental, and can i use just one more question mark?

but yes, we will have the human race (in several variants) at launch, with the second playable race (dwarves) arriving post public release…

I’m actually making my own race (unsure if I want it playable or not) that will be a race of hyper-intelligent chicken people. I have, however, planned out some themes for some of the different classes, so maybe it can be so!

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i believe you posted elsewhere that you have a tech tree for said chicken class? please… we have to see this… :wink:

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Look at this,
maybe this is more clearly brought to you:


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I was wondering this myself, I just assumed everything we’ve seen so far would kinda fit the bill for ‘The Ascendancy’?

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