Multiple races, anyone?

Hey everyone,
I’ve been cooking up an idea for a race mod, and I’m a tad curious as to who else would like to see a mod containing multiple, playable, in-game races complete with unique items and the like?
Which races in particular?
So far I’ve got (assuming they aren’t already being added)

  • Orcs
  • Elves
  • Some sort of amphibious race
  • An avian race (bird-men?)

I’ll try to give pictures of models as soon as possible.


I believe there are already plans to be able to play as goblins and dwarves, Im pretty sure there are already races going to be in the game, Sorry for the disappointment

Darn. I was hoping to have tree houses and underground utopias… been messing with Qubicle Builder all night in anticipation…

Suppose I’ll just have to stick with custom armaments then… sigh…
Although, perhaps I could play around with a few professions… Maybe allowing Engineers to create “mech-like” suits for soldiers…

Just another warning they might add in elves but hopefully not

Great, well at least I still have some dreams XD, now just to find the bloody delete button to eradicate this thread…

Why close it? There are people planning to add races (I’m one of them) Why not just discuss this race you want to see?


True. True. Reopening now.

So what were you thinking of with the underground utopias and treehouse’s ideas? I’ll provide thoughts and ideas as soon as I know what you’re thinking of.

To be honest, I wanted to almost redesign certain aspects of the game. For example, a race selection menu. For the underground cities I was thinking of mined out mountains containing the player city. The treehouses I was thinking would be built into pre-existing trees, or something of that sense (perhaps the building tool would automatically create a tree-base for the player to start with, and then top it with the canopy?) with interconnecting bridges. For my above mentioned aquatic race, it only seems fair to allow for underwater building, which means that there would need to be a swimming animation and water-breathing for said race, perhaps the buildings made of coral?

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As I have posted before, these would be “awesome”

I like where you’re headed @Bleede0548:+1:

Should this be merged with a generic “races” thread? We have one or two of those… Don’t we?

On the topic of your “Angels” that aren’t really angels, how about a human species with certain bird qualities? (the head of an eagle, wings etc)

It should be, yes. I completely agree @SteveAdamo

finally on a laptop, so i can search… here’s the thread we used two combine several other “new race” type discussions… im not sure its fitting here though…

Yeah, I’m not feeling that it’s quite what I anticipated…

Although I do enjoy the fact that others are interested in both the Aquatic and Avian race ideas! Now I just have to get used to making character models rather than weaponry/armaments and I should be set. (My forte is programming, sadly. I have a friend who will be taking over the artistic parts of the multiple race mod. I simply ensure that each race is programmed for their unique items/building aspects)

…I hate you so much right now…Ok hatred over. My idea, My not disrespectful to the second greatest animal in the world idea would be a bear race like the ones from Stardrive or maybe instead of generic werewolves we have werebears.

What about some Wookies, eh? With full sound effects too. :bear:

While I love Wookies I must disagree as them being a bear race, A Wookie is a tall, furry humanoid that basically acts like a tribal bad-ass whereas a Bear on the other hand is an entirely different topic indeed. A Bear is a big, hairy killing machine while also being the coolest land predator around Bears have a record for killing wolves which in my opinion is an A+ also if you have played Stardrive you would realise how cool a race Bears can be because who does not like samurai bears (I’m also pretty sure Bears are not Elf fans)