Clan Amberstone Employment Opportunities

Their career options kind of suck: archer, mason, geomancer, and worker. Can we put the little guys in some vo-tech or something to help expand their horizons?


Something tells me a bunny shouldn’t handle a saw without changing the PG rating of the game…

And cooking might lead to some traumatic… cannibalism experiences.

I wouldn’t recommend working a forge if you have fur…

And I suppose the same applies to a kiln or sticky things like clay…


Well, maybe they could also be herbalists and farmers? Although I wouldn’t be surprised if the carrot farm yield goes down significantly… Yeah, maybe just herbalists…


@DaniAngione Are you sure you’re not a member of my family and you simply haven’t told me? I expected that kind of reply from my mother.


I’ll take that as a compliment :merry:


I mentioned this on the minor polishes thread too – I’ve had a large ratio of rabbit citizens wanting to be farmers or coming in with Green Thumb, and honestly if a bunny came to the Aboveground and learned that they could grow their own vegetables (!) I’m sure they’d be all over that opportunity. Herbalism makes a lot of sense for them since they’re more aware of related lore from their time researching the mysteries and magic of Hearth.

Personally, I’m ambivalent about whether bunnies should get access to all jobs. In the other thread I argued that they should purely out of pragmatism, it’s easier to give them access to all jobs than to deal with the fallout of restricting them. I like the story implications of them only being able to do some jobs, but that would require a lot more work in order to do justice to that narrative.


I agree with the “plant” jobs. Rabbits should definitely be able to become farmers and herbalists.

I made a couple of jokes above but some are true, like Cooking. We do cook rabbit jerky and such sometimes and it would be just plain wrong if they could cook :stuck_out_tongue:

But farmers and herbalists, definitely. And why not footmen too? Would be cute to see them melee fighting.
If they can train us to use geomancy, why can’t we train them to farm, make concoctions and fight? :merry:


I’d love to see them be farmers!

One of their quests specifically states that while they aren’t afraid to fight, they aren’t capable of healing themselves. So while I think they’d make great herbalists it might contradict some vague bit of lore.

Maybe that could be another perk tied to the Passionate traits. It could unlock the class as well, though that may be more difficult than just flipping the switch.

The Archers baffle me as well, I dunno if it’s just wonky at the moment, but the job wasn’t actually on the job change tree. Led me to believe if I switched my bunny archers to workers I wouldn’t be able to switch back.

One of the quest chains involves the Amberstone clan asking to have a cook come in and teach them ‘human’ dishes. There is also a link in the quest chain where they take a mason and weaver for a couple of days to teach them their crafting recipes, so apparently they have weavers, too. So that should be an option as well.

In short, I would think they’d be willing to do most any of the jobs. Except anything that involves reaching the top shelf. There’s no recipe for step-stools yet.


I would love to run a mini town with just bunnies, maybe even just 5 or so, but and was actually searching the forums to see if that was possible without mods. But if they can’t grow their own food or defend themselves… that would make that a lot more difficult. Super sad the little guys can’t grow their own carrots :frowning:

They actually could grow wild carrots, sweet potatoes, and of course berry bushes in “gardens”; although what makes this non-viable (as opposed to merely impractical) is the fact that they don’t have an herbalist to ensure a steady supply of seeds. Berries are obviously much easier to use because the bush stays after harvesting; but for carrots and sweet potatoes there’s only a chance of dropping a seed so the fields diminish in size over time. With an herbalist, you get 3 seeds from one basket of sweet potatoes, so you can easily maintain or even increase the number of plants you’re growing.


You can’t make seeds from carrots with an herbalist.

However… if you let a wild carrot or sweet potato go rotten and then harvest it, you can get 3-5 seeds each to replant.


We can maybe put em in some serious tech, assumin “vo” stands for “very overpowered”. :wink:

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LOL Nice.

The ‘vo’ in vo-tech stands for ‘vocational’ as in vocational-technical. They’re essentially high schools in North America that actually teach job skills rather than teach you how to test.

Ah, thanks for the explanation. So, no rocket carrots (carrockets?), then. A pity.

My NA Bunny Archers regularly hunt bunnies. It’s a little disturbing. They also long to be professions they are incapable of being (footmen).


Is there a special quest that lets them become archers? Mine are only letting me make them masons or geomancers. . .

Rabbits being archers only works for NA in the current release (because they can’t be footmen). This is fixed in the next release.

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@max99x Yay! The Rabbits are getting jobs! Hello, viable workforce!

The fix is just for archery. They are still limited to those 3 choices (plus worker). Partly for narrative reasons, but mostly because we had no time to make them job outfits. It can obviously be modded in.

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@max99x You have failed me, Max.