More jobs for Orcs and Amberstone


I finally got the code to work and added more jobs to both the orcs and bunny citizens.

The jobs all work now so anyone who wants to try it out is welcome to use it now.

bunny_jobs.smod (8.5 KB)

At the moment I’m trying to get my new custom outfits to work instead of the poorly fitting default vanilla ones. I think my issue might have to do with a potential override in each kingdoms mods. As you can tell from the trees, I’ve been playtesting in NA, so I’m going to re-embark and test that theory.

I’ll edit this post to show the outfits as I finish them:

Orc Trappers



why isn’t there a playable orc tribe yet



because making kingdoms is a lot of work, and making one with a non-human body is even more work…



I guess it doesn’t exist because you haven’t made it yet. If you decide to, you are welcome to use the outfits I make for this mod.

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Looks good! Is there a way to manually trip the orc and amberstone villager missions for testing purposes?



@Gavote Not that I know of, but you get one of each after you kill the titan, but it should work no matter how you get them.

I did just test that the jobs only are available to brand new citizens, even if you do a re-embarkation.



The debug tools include a campaign browser which can do this



I’m looking for a little feedback on some ideas I had for the orc blacksmith

  • Googles only
  • Mask
  • Raised Mask

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raised mask to fit with SH aesthetics. middle mask wit ha darker lower jaw if you want to have a WAAAAAGH on your hands :stuck_out_tongue:



I think the raised mask is the clear winner. I haven’t made much progress lately on account of wanting to enjoy the new ACE update. And I have been. It is awesome and adds some amazing features.

Anyway, I re-worked the Amberstone farmer outfit to more closely match their color schemes in the vanilla assets. I’m still working on getting these outfits to apply in-game. I’m not a very good coder.