Orc/Goblin Race WIP (On Hold, sorry)

This is a mod that will be done within 3 months at the most to make orcs an available race to play as since it adds immersion (also its just awesome to have :P) one thing i need the community to help with the most though is the AI for the Ascendency (idk how to spell it lol) as a independent thing like the goblins were originally, unless you want to fight your own kind i guess P.S. This is a simplistic setup that will be used, it is a modified Rayya’s children file since i don’t know how to make one entirely so expect bugs and report them down below, Thanks for support you may give me : D

EDIT: a little look at one of the job outfits ; ) the last version is slightly different than this one though


Also, expect a beta version of this mod within a week or so, possibly a alpha

EDIT: As of right now the problem below (my post from before down there) i have made progress and actually expect this to be done soon, just modeling and some other things, plus a few more recipes and such

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I am very much looking forward to this mod, its one thing I have wanted to be able to do since I first got the game :slight_smile:

Uaaa~ yes please.

I played through my current game imagining that I was building a citadel for the Warchief.

As of right now my progress is kinda slow, but its getting somewhere, my schedule is terrible so ill have to make a better one : P

Probably a few days, school may push that back, im expecting a bunch of bugs to be honest ; P.

Hey Taxibutler, are you still working on this mod… I hope so an just wanted to give you some encouragement that it is something that players do want to see :slight_smile:

Alot of school stuff in the way, it’ll be done eventually, sometime in Febuary most likely

EDIT: btw im not entirely sure if when im done it’ll be buggy or not, the new alphas may introduce some new stuff to break

I think it’s still to soon to make such a big mod. If i were you i would start making the models and basic things and wait until beta or official release because too much can change till then.

And don’t misunderstand me, i’m not trying to discourage you, but you’ll end up pulling your hair off when half the script needs to be redone.

Don’t worry, unless you are modding big things from inside the game, nothing really will change, and if it changes, will be just small things… Kingdoms require no big codes and lua changes, just .json, so this is a safe project.

I said that mostly because playing goblins should be different from any other race.
I cannot imagine goblins farming or doing complicate crafting. They should be about raiding and military strength.

Doing that would require to make let’s say ascendancy settlements spawn in your map when you start and create a lot of new AI.

But of course if it is going to be simpler or you feel confident go for it- After all it is a really cool thing that should be in the game. =)

This is a really fantastic idea actually, I am keenly interested to see how it turns out. :jubilant:

Edit: A thought about the enemies for the goblin/orc you could override the ‘goblin’ assets with the humanoid models, just a thought.

Soo… Hows it going? :jubilant:

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there is a really good idea, i hope you upload soon your work, the community can help you too :grinning:

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Its getting somewhere, ill have to do some extra modeling and things cause
the recipes arent done fully and not too sure on the models either

Also, ill try to work more on this as ive not really had much of a chance
to get too far other than about half, the models are done (mostly) though
and ill have to make a new job resume (tier progression)

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Replying to myself, im working hard on it today and it could be done, the modelling will need help though cause im not too good at it.

EDIT: Thanks for the support too! it may be kinda underwhelming at first (the mod) as of now, but im open to any suggestions from the community!

Models may take a day or 2, theres alot of recipes (that will hopefully work : ) )

EDIT: now that im looking at it harder, it may be longer, theres ALOT of models to go through and make

Can’t you use the models already in game? Why you are redoing them?


i need to make new models for the jobs, and i think the ones ingame already are smaller than i want them to be, and less detailed in some cases ; )