Rabbit Citizen wants to be a smithy?

I have a Rabbit that moved to my town after finally settling in to make a full finish of the game to Titan. And I have an archer and a Mason. How ever on leveling the mason up to six, I had found he can only have three professions. However, he has the trait passionate Blacksmith. Is this intended behavior, or is it a product of oversight? I will put forth that I have several mods, but none of them modify hearth lings or intended traits.

Currently traits cannot be limited by species, kingdom, biome, ect.
Bizarrely you can limit traits by gender.
I believe this is an oversight, and I expect that that will be added before 1.0
If not I plan to create a mod to fix it as it strongly affects my additional traits mod (all of which either fundementally/narrively cannot effect orcs and/or rabbits, or would require me to create specialized art assets)


Thank you for such a through reply! That really is quite an oversight for such a game “near” its completion. But, I suppose that is another matter altogether. Are athur of the “Kai Moneky’s Traits”?

Yes, that’s right.
In Team Stonehearth’s defense, the additional ra es we’re only added in the last few weeks, and being at the end of questlines many players will not have experiences them enough for even ““obvious”” oversights to be noticed. This will also mean that if it comes to a point where the team have to make decisions about what does and does not get fixed in time, this unfortunately is a strategically sensible choice…


I don’t feel like it is acceptable for a game that reached it’s kickstarter goals and beyond to be cutting features, let alone not addressing blatant errors. Quite, distasteful in my opinion. But true to your point, it is the logical solution to an otherwise unending problem.

Also, i’ve been eyeing mod for quite some time, and I think I will add it when you reach a little more varitions! Happy Trails! And thank you again.

On account of the “magnificent beard” trait :wink:

Long before the “leaving the nest” announcement and subsequent rush of modding accessibility requests, modders have been asking for the option to limit traits by race and kingdom. However, I’m not sure that would help in this case since I believe the passionate trait is actually a single trait which pulls from the list of jobs, rather than being separate traits for each jobs. If it was the latter, that would be, like, 10 different job passion traits so the chances of getting one would be much higher.

Iirc it is one trait per job, which mixes in “passion_job.json” (which references “passion_job.lua”), there is nothing dynamic or anything that reads job lists
From a URI POV each passion trait is unique, as different traits a mutually exclusive with particular passion jobs


Huh, really good to know (and I’m glad that I was wrong in my supposition here); although it must mean that either there’s a weight given to different trait likelihoods, or else the RNG hates me because I only very rarely get passionate job traits hahah.