(for modders) Option to limit traits by kingdom

When doing a very different kingdom from the standard Ascendancy you will probably need a few new traits and remove a few other. Considering that the kingdom that I’m working on is not even populated by hearthlings, you get the idea.

Right now we can only limit traits by gender, (for example, the magnificent beard is a male trait only) and by initial roster vs new immigrants (some traits are only available to new hearthlings)

My proposed idea is to add a new field in the json traits to specify a exclusive kingdom to it.
Or even better, have different trait index files for each kingdom, like how jobs are right now (a kingdom can have its own list of jobs instead of using the same from ascendancy)


I would love that!

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totally in favor, i havent looked at what could be done with traits but i would like to be able to have kingdom specific ones :smiley: (craves saunas and or fish? XD @ my nordlings )

having the same setup like the job index (so KINGDOMNAME_population > traits_index ) or something simmilar would indeed be the nicest way to go about it imho

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bumping this up, because I to am looking for this.

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