Clan Amberstone Employment Opportunities


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I’m doing an ascendancy playthrough and my clan Amberstone citizens refuse to become archers. Did this get fixed and I’m having a weird mod conflict?


*would be willing to make outfits of someone else does the rest of the work to give job opportunities to Bunnies *


So I re-embark to Northern Alliance so the buns I brought could be archers and they can, but the orcs I got from the gong can’t be footmen.

Is the code really that complex to make these other races able to do the few jobs they have available in the three official kingdoms?


That sucks.
When you hide a job from the tree, those that branched from it are also hidden with it.
So, by hiding the archer job from his tree, it also hides the footman job because in that kingdom it is branched from the archer.


So which is the easier solution; Changing the code for the orcs and rabbits, changing the code for the kingdoms, or adding those two jobs to the orcs and rabbits?

I’m learning voxel modeling now, but if there is an easy fix for this issue, I wouldn’t mind trying to learn a little coding to fix it.


The easiest would be to add the parent job as allowed too.


Wouldn’t that require a new archer outfit for the orcs/goblins and a new footman outfit and helmet changes for the bunnies?

Also would you add that to the code for the races or for the kingdoms? I know virtually nothing about game design aside from creating art assets like models and textures, but I really want to be part of the solution.


I had an idea for a piece of Clan Amberstone Footman equipment. It would I guess be the last tier helmet for them and should require Hearthbuds to craft. I took the colors from the golems and I thought it would be neat for the eye spots to glow.

If the ear armor is too much, this is what it looks like without it:

If someone is willing to do the exporting, integration, and code work, I would be happy to make an armor to match this and modify the existing lower tier footman stuff to match their bodies.

The Orcs too, but I haven’t had any cool ideas for them yet.


If you had played minecraft you should try Risky’s mod Armourer Workshop, they have tons of amazing weapon, armor and cosmetic furniture model, maybe you can find something interesting there. :smiley:


Thank you. I will check it out, but if I can’t get help applying these outfits to the races, I probably won’t do anything else with this.


The rabbit helm kinda reminds me of some of the Viera armor we got to see in FF XII. Looks good to me!

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I thought the orc archers should have hoods because the other races do but I added horns to orc them up.Not sure if this looks silly or not.

Any thoughts or critiques are welcome and appreciated.

Amberstone seems to have an eastern influenced style, so if I do eventually figure out how to add jobs to these races, this could be a good farmer.

I really do need help getting started. I looked through the jsons for the orcs and bunnies, and the kingdom jsons, and I can’t find where these races are limited to their jobs. I don’t even know how to open a lua, so it’s probably a bad idea for me to do so. If someone could at least give me a little nudge in the right direction, I would really appreciate it.


Cool art, mate!

They are limited in the encounter nodes which actually spawn the citizens. Searching the stonehearth mod for allowed_jobs shows these files:

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Aww man! Thank you so much. That’s very awesome of you.

I’ll start digging into those right away and try my absolute utmost to not break your game. :grinning:


I’m not very good at coding, but it looks like I need to make a mixinto to add the jobs to the different race encounters jsons.

So I think what I should add for the bunnies:


and for the orcs I think it would be appropriate to add:


Arguments could be made for adding more to each race, but if I do more jobs for either of them, I want to only do new race exclusive jobs (which is currently beyond my skill level).

Anyway, this is my idea for an orc trapper


There’s a group working on a Bunny kingdom mod, but there is an issue with it needing more animations to have the other jobs, that’s why they are not in the game. I haven’t heard of progress on that mod lately though.


I really love your work here. I’ve already said it many times, that I wanted to have other playable races, not just humans and what you’re doing designwise is really cool.

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I’ve been trying to get this to work with a little test version of this mod. So far it only adds the trapper job to the orc citizens

But at the moment, it doesn’t do anything. I played until I got an orc citizen and they still just have the footman and worker showing up on their job tree. Do I need to modify the job tree for orc citizens? I made mixins for the two orc jsons that max99x pointed out. If anyone wants to take a look at my file and maybe give me another nudge, I would appreciate. Once I get one job working, I think the rest will be super quick to bang out.

bunny_jobs.smod (12.9 KB)

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I glanced at this for literally 30 seconds, so I don’t know if that’s the only problem, but for a start you need to remove "client_only": true (which also seems to be missing a preceding comma).

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