Clan Amberstone Employment Opportunities


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I’m doing an ascendancy playthrough and my clan Amberstone citizens refuse to become archers. Did this get fixed and I’m having a weird mod conflict?


*would be willing to make outfits of someone else does the rest of the work to give job opportunities to Bunnies *


So I re-embark to Northern Alliance so the buns I brought could be archers and they can, but the orcs I got from the gong can’t be footmen.

Is the code really that complex to make these other races able to do the few jobs they have available in the three official kingdoms?


That sucks.
When you hide a job from the tree, those that branched from it are also hidden with it.
So, by hiding the archer job from his tree, it also hides the footman job because in that kingdom it is branched from the archer.


So which is the easier solution; Changing the code for the orcs and rabbits, changing the code for the kingdoms, or adding those two jobs to the orcs and rabbits?

I’m learning voxel modeling now, but if there is an easy fix for this issue, I wouldn’t mind trying to learn a little coding to fix it.


The easiest would be to add the parent job as allowed too.