Clan Amberstone Questline

Does anyone know the whole quest line? I’ve been trying to finish it and am just wondering when I’ll finish it. I’ve reached the point where I received the autonomous Cricket.

I’m up to the part where you get the two rabbits to join. Been playing for an hour or so past that and still no Geomancer

a couple days after you get the cricket you will be contacted by the rabbits asking you to send a hearthling away for a week of training (it actually takes them away for a week so make sure they aren’t someone your going to need) when they come back they will automatically be a geomancer.

My guy came back as a Potter. The same thing he left as. He was just happier when he came back for helping out the bunnies

There’s different circumstances in which you they request the aid of one of your villagers, you certain they didn’t specifically ask for a potter to help them out rather than looking to train someone to become a Geomancer?

They asked for a Potter for help them with pottery. Yes. I’ve been working on the quest for awhile

Hi what do I need 2 do to get the 2 rabbits I’m up to that point in the wrist line but it doesn’t tell me what I need to do plz help

Build a house with two beds and put the amber stone thing right next to the two beds

Thank U so much

Will this happen straight away or do I have to wait a bit.

Once the house qualifies (2 beds, an amberstone pedestal and a high enough overall appeal) then the Rabbit settlers will move in quite quickly. I’m not sure if it’s the next morning, or straight after the game detects that the objective is complete, since I completed mine just before the turn-of-day.

The pedestal doesn’t have to be right next to the beds in my experience, although it’s thematic to keep it in their bedrooms IMO.

I had a rabbit settler seek shelter after I charged the stone, still nothing.

There are a number of repeat quests. Each adds to reputation, and I guess at certain thresholds, you get the next quest-line progression. I’ve seen nothing “new” since the titan fight. The titan weapon quest happens after you get your geomancer, which happens after your bunny-pals move into the village.

The only real advice I can offer you is to just do all the bunny quests you can. If you’re in a rush, fast-forward. Quests can be several in-game days apart.

Looked in stonehearth.smod and can confirm this is true. It’s been a little while since I looked in there, but every quest you complete seems to add 1 to a reputation variable, and once it reaches 12 (or 20, can’t remember) you get a geomancer.

I am completely stuck on the chase scene - I have searched the entire map (vanilla temperate map) & there are NO bad guys to kill off to complete this quest - any suggestions? Is there something I can tweak in the code?

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Hello i am at the heirbloom stalks quest but I clickt 2 times on dismiss can I still have the geomancer