All Geomancer Re-Embarkation?

This was just an idle “I’m about to fall asl-wait! What if…?” I haven’t played enough to know, does each township eventually get the Rabbit quest? Which in turn would mean that after 3 successful towns your fourth embarkation could start with three Geomancers on the roster? And does that in turn mean you can control three Geomancers worth of golems?

I think it is possible to get two geomancers without embarking. One human that you send out to train and come back as a geomancer, and another that is a rabbit immigrant. Not sure though

It may be out of date info, but I’m pretty sure that any Rabbit immigrant has a chance to be a geomancer – I could swear I’ve had one show up through a Rabbit daily update immigrant. There’s definitely a chance to get a geomancer from the quest to build a comfy home for two Rabbits if that procs after you’ve unlocked the geomancer already, and I believe the “free” immigrant you get for completing the Rabbit quest line (i.e. the Titan fight) is specifically set to be a high-level geomancer (or at least has a very high chance to be compared to normal – I’ve only ever received geomancers from that event although my data set is limited.)

So what you’re saying is that, with some significant patience, there is a chance I could embark with not just three Geomancers, but three AMBERSTONE Geomancers?!

I believe it could be accomplished within a single town; but it could certainly be done over the course of multiple re-embarkations even if it turns out that only the “final quest reward” Rabbit comes as a geomancer.

In fact, by taking the Amberstone friendship monument (Amberstone quest line final reward, it’s proper name is something like Monument of the Righted Wrong) as one of your embarkation items along with a few class talismans for the classes that Rabbits can take (but often can’t make themselves), you could run an entirely Amberstone town! It would be a somewhat limited playstyle since only a few classes are available to the Amberstone clan (no cooks, no farmers and no healers… certainly requires more thought about how to protect your citizens and feed them); but with canny use of golems and starting items plus judicious trading I reckon it could be done.

It’s likewise possible to start with an all Orc town, atlhough that’s even more limiting if you’re not planning to diversify (i.e. save-scum your immigrants to avoid any human ones.) Might work better if you take RC as your kingdom though, since it lets you trade for high-end weapons and furniture… with enough trading and the assistance from Clan Amberstone (remember that an Orc can go to receive geomancer training) it would be an interesting way to play a combat-focussed town.

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Would it actually be possible to play an all orc tribe? I mean with no ability to craft anything, you’d be stuck killing things to trade, and then have to wait for only orc immigrants… That does sound fun though.

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It would be a kind of challenge run for sure, and I suspect that since (IIRC) you only get footmen and workers then it would be highly impractical to play hard mode or even the late-game campaign arcs of normal mode since you’d have no healing or ranged damage to deal with the larger attack forces. There would be a grand total of one viable tactic in combat: form all your footmen into a “wrecking ball” party, make sure they’re all in position around an ambush site, and then close the jaws of the trap and swarm the most dangerous targets first.

Adding some rabbits later on from the Amberstone quest could mitigate that since you’d at least have archers and masons. But I seriously doubt it would make much difference by that point – either you’ve got “ahead of the curve” already and can trade for everything you need, or else it’s just more under-equipped 'lings to feed and protect.

I suspect the most viable way to play this challenge run would be to build some kind of coliseum and use the gongs (something you’d have to bring along with the orc friendship gong) to summon a camp, and then build some kind of “pipe”/boundary wall so that enemies from that camp can only get into the coliseum. That at least allows you to fight enemies on your own terms, maximising your advantage from the horde tactics (nowhere for archers to run away to, and you can have roads around the outside and multiple points of ingress so that it’s possible to flank and surround enemies in the coliseum so you can pick your targets more easily. Take out the buffing enemies first while avoiding their own footmen, etc.)

If orcs could get the full knight, cleric and footman group that the enemy orcs can then it would certainly make things easier; but with no healing I suspect you’d have a lot of trouble keeping afloat. I guess that the Hearth of Cheer (or equivalent) might help, since one of its random buffs provides regen… but that’s really going out on a limb; and most people would want the Hearth of Glory since it’s a reliable way to earn gold and town value.

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I can see that, but it does come with quite a few problems other than fighting. My main thing would be happiness, as well as, the irregularity of trade. If you wanted to do it without the Coliseum idea… Well, you’re in for a fuuuuuun time. XD

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