Geomancer: How to get the Talisman?

I saw the Geomancer in the upgrade menu and was wondering: Is it actually possible to get the “Geomancer Talisman” right now?


It could be made by any crafter afaik.

From the patch notes:

Now that the Rabbits are out of their hiding, they may be convinced to teach you the ancient art of Geomancy, which allows you to place terrain patches and ore veins, summon landmarks from far-off places, and craft golems to take some of the burden of repetitive tasks off your hearthlings’ shoulders.


If it’s a quest it would make sense they gave us just this but idk yet. I will find out playing

Yes, it’s a reward from the Rabbits campaign.


Is it necessary to start a new game to start the campaign?

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no, I had it start automatically a couple of in-game days after loading immediately after the update.

It may be tied to the daily update; mine happened straight after I received a new hearthling. I would suspect, though, that it’s just a coincidence of the “daily timers” all ticking over at the same time.

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For the campaign to trigger, you need at least a tier 2 city, i.e. have an upgraded magic hearth.

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I was stuck on the moment after helping a wounded one. I chose the option “stay and rest, we will protect you.” After that, the quest line does not continue. What can be wrong?

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It might be a questline that requires time. Some of them have a countdown before they trigger to the next sequence.

Some kobolds should spawn somewhere on the map. After you defeat them, the quest will resume. If that doesn’t happen, upload a save please.


Oh, it’s a bit not clear that i should rescue rabbit :smiley:

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You should consider adding some hint to the job selection panel that this thing is, in-fact, unlocked through a quest.

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Good idea. Updated the requirements text.


I have to ask to check my safe. I defeated all the camps except Ogo. I waited a few days, but the quest did not continue.!Asn3lEt-4tOhivYxrKOZHAjkWs-Xog

This is fixed in the next release, but unfortunately I don’t think it’ll fix existing savegames. The kobolds would despawn if you didn’t kill them soon enough, and now they no longer do that.


So a new adventure lies ahead.

aw rip me

Should it really take this long to get the talisman? i got up to the point where the rabbits gave me a cricket… but its been days and nothing else has happened with them…and no talisman…

*nevermind i just got the talisman quest…

btw it is very strange that the cricket tries to wear clothes… and the clothes float beside it…

Gonna re embark and try for the encounter again! heres my town that I’ll be leaving.

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