The Geomancer Rabbit Statue

A couple of days ago I finally managed to get my first geomancer. It also came with a little bit of lore about the different eras of Hearth, Rabbit, Snake and Monkey, which was very nice.
When I was able to look at the Geomancer crafting menu I was nicely surprised to see the Giant Bunny Statue cube. I thought, Hey we can now create our own rabbit statues, nice! Then I remembered the lore.

The Question is, We are Hearthlings, Humans as the Lapine said, Children of Monkey, right? Shouldn’t my “Human” geomancer be able to create a Stone Giant Monkey Statue? The Rabbit one is nice, to thank the Lapines for what they have shared with us, but we are Children of the Monkey. We should raise Statues of It.

Have Fun, Kyth.

PS: It would be nice to see some remains of the Snake too. They must have left something too!
I haven’t seen the new landmarks yet. I hope to see them in the coming days, but if there is nothing about Snake it would be nice to add one or two.

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One thing that kinda surprised me is that the rabbit statues we build are already old and run-down. I can understand from a practical reason why the same model was used; but I’d love to have the option to raise a new one, or to draw an old one from some other place and literally summon it through the (H)earth to its new position.

@Kittyodoom I do believe it’s your time to shine, what with some conveniently handy bunny statue models which, one presumes, could be converted into landmarks and then on to summon stones with comparatively little effort :merry:

As far as statues for the other Cycles, heck yeah I’d be down for that! I honestly could argue for an entire section of the geomancer’s workshop tab being given over to various statues, each with different connotations (e.g. Snake statues could have a function for Orcish Hearthlings similar to our bunny cultist Human Hearthlings; and Monkey statues might have a really high appeal value or spawn in with a random assortment of “Gifts from Monkey” as a way to get unique decorations – the Monkey statue recipe could include several gifts/offerings from the Hearthlings to Monkey to showcase the town’s creativity/craftsmanship, and in return Monkey could gift some items. They may be useful, decorative, or simply mysterious.)


clearly needs to hurry her tail on trying all the new content