Geomancer issues (SPOILERS!)

Some time ago, I got the geomancer and he refused to make his workbench. I thought “whatever ima fix it later” and forgot about him. Then for whatever reason I decided to rewind and the only save before the current one I did not have the geomancer(around a week in game or so before i got the geomancer). Then I waited. New year passed. Still nothing. The last bunny related memory i have is housing a wounded rabbit and then he left the town. Nothing after that. Is there something I must do to trigger another mission for the rabbits?

did the geomancer have all required items to make the workbench
a geomancer requires hearth-essence( or a similar name) to craft many of his items

Nightlancer yes he did have the required materials but as I said, I don’t have him as a geomancer anymore