Geomancer: How to get the Talisman?


wow… such a small town and already town rank 2?

took me like 3 days straight playing and i had a giant city with like 20 buildings in it before i was rank 2… iron is soo hard to find… maybe the military path takes longer? i haven’t tried the others yet… last time i played this game was before all these town upgrades…

i literally had like 300 gold ore before i even found 1 piece of iron to make the stupid knights shield…and the iron that i “found” was bought from a merchant… iron seems to be exceptionally rare to find while mining…


Yeah the military path is really hard, the moral path is really easy but im planning to re embark and do the military path


Maybe it’s an idea to add a small disclaimer to the item that it’s a quest reward?


Be aware that once you send the hearthling off to learn Geomancy, they’ll be “away from town” for about a week in-game. You’ll likely get other rabbit quests in that time, when that happened to me I thought the quest had bugged out and that they’d forgotten about the visit hahah.


r874, less than day after taking quest and there no more camps :slightly_frowning_face:

UPD. nvm they was under fog of war and unreachable location without ladders


So I have completed the Tier two hearth quest, I have a hearth of cheer. I have not received the rabbit quest line yet. One of the major things that I believe could effect this is the fact that I have not yet beaten Ogo Skullbonker and his Army. Could this effect it?


No, Ogo isn’t related to the Rabbit quests. It’s merely a matter of waiting a couple of days after reaching Tier 2 – it’s not, like, the next morning unfortunately; it can take a few days to fire off the first event.

You’ll know it when you see it though. In the meantime, you’ll want to make sure you’re growing carrots (it’s a small spoiler, but the first step specifically requires carrots; although all later steps are much less restrictive about what you need to use to complete them. If you don’t have carrots already, though, you’ll want them to be able to jump straight in to discovering the rabbits’ quests.)