Citizen NOT leaving to become Geomancer :'(

HELP! I have finally gotten the quest to pick a citizen to go train to become a Geomancer, I didn’t pick a citizen right away and waited for a few days before picking one. When I was ready I chose a worker to go with the rabbits, but he never went… . Still in town even after dayssss… What should I do? Will the scenario happen again? Is it season related issues? (aka citizen won’t leave town during winter?) Also, I haven’t gotten the rabbit residents yet.
Is there a console command I can use to force the scenario to happen? e. g. spawn_senario??

Mods I have: ACE + Gardener mod, that’s it

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If you activate Debug Tools (it can be activated in the Mods screen), you can use the “Campaign Browser” tool to see where the quest stands or if anything happened.

You can also use that same tool to force-trigger any step of the quest that might be stuck.

If you do that, please let us know what you find/what part of the quest had issues and we might take a look :slight_smile:


Thank you!! I’ll go do that tonight :heart::heart::heart:
I feel like I fked it up by waiting for days before I picked the hearthling to go lol

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Could be! Doesn’t change the fact that it should work regardless, though… So if you spot any node (you’ll see the campaigns in nodes) stuck or with an issue, etc… let me know :merry:

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