Geomancy student still in town



He is supposed to be away, learning to be a geomancer, but he seems to be still around… Missing his home a little?

Have fun, Kyth.


Is this fixed with a reload? If not, can you attach a save?


@max99x Mine did the same thing. Stood in one spot for a week until the seven days was over. It actually caused a building to bug out because the person who left was in the process of putting in a window and they presumably ‘took the window with them’ so it never got installed. I have a blacksmith that is permanently in the end stage of ‘built,’ but no celebration.


I had the very same problem with another building. But I was fortunate and saved just before dispatching him. So I reloaded and waited to send him when he went for lunch. He left with an omelette instead!

When I get back home I’ll check if he is still by the post.

Have fun, Kyth.


I also had the student stand around while they were away from town, although in my case, they actually “left” initially – it was only after I loaded the save the next time I played that they turned up, staring blankly at the wall.

Over the course of the next 8 or so saves and loads, the student slowly moved places each time, staying completely still (no idle anims etc.) between saves and only moving with each reload.

On a possibly related note: when I get the shorter “Borrowed Time” quests, Sasha says they’ll take one or two days but they complete almost immediately – the borrowed worker never leaves town because there’s no chance to lol. I don’t know if it’s a bug, or just that the returning delay is really short (I can imagine it might have been set to only a few seconds for testing purposes); but it’s definitely not two days hahah.


I noticed the same thing. The only time a citizen really leaves town is when the geomancer is being trained initially.


Yup. Fixed in the next release.

We’ll test the geomancer quest some more. My current theory is that he had to stand in the corner because he missed class.


@max99x I just reloaded and he is still there, although in a different place. Do you still need the save?

Have fun, Kyth.


Yes, that would be great!


1531445153035.7z (7.4 MB)

Here it is. I hope it helps, good luck.


Thanks. Fixed in the next release.