Morning sickness bug

Title: Units forget to resume previous tasks

Summary: Civilians will disregard any jobs from the night before e.g building a house, picking up stray lumber.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. train a carpenter and make him build some beds
  2. plop the beds down near night and whilst the house is still being built.
  3. wait for the civilians to wake up and then they are just idle. you can work around this by clicking on an unbuilt part of a house and they will continue but not the windows or doors. They will not pick up and resources either when they wake up)

Expected Results: Life to continue as normal.

Actual Results: The whole group to go to idle phase.

Notes: I have sent my civilians to build a shack for the carpenter on the first night and a few beds so they will sleep quicker. when they wake up they will just go idle. i can get them to harvest more items e.g trees, but they would just leave the resources one the ground.


Versions and Mods: Stonehearth vanilla 0.1.0 (release 118)

wow, love the title! :smile:

i’m not entirely sure it adequately captures the issue at hand… perhaps “Units forget to resume previous tasks”?

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hmm that does sound like it would explain the bug at hand… but where is the fun in that