Worker Bug [Alpha 8 (build 2083)]

I found a bug where if you que a building, then save and quit the game, when you reload the map workers will refuse to continue building the structure. Even new buildings will not be built beyond excavating he floor.

[update] all villagers are ignoring commands to build or harvest anything on day 8

Is the pathfinder flipping out? You can click on the little colored bar to see what is using up the process.

I too have been experiencing this, here’s what I’ve determined.

The building plan seems to be loaded properly, but the actual construction site doesn’t.

  • If you click on the transparent outline of the building, and select “build” a second time, Hearthlings will continue to work on the build.
  • This seems to actually queue up another building over top of the existing building, causing furniture orders to be duplicated as well.
  • All furniture orders from the original (pre-load) building will still be there, but will be impossible to fill, and will block placement of new furniture in its place.

This bug also seems to effect some supplies as well.

  • Items placed in stockpiles seem to be “forgotten” when a game is loaded, and Hearthlings will ignore them completely. Loading a save can result in all of your Hearthlings starving to death, despite there being food in all of your stockpiles. :frowning:
  • Wood and stone in a stockpile will also be ignored, and Hearthlings will go out of their way to collect new resources, despite there being much closer stores available.

I think these are both issues with the saving/loading of games.