Idle Worker Bug Returns

Release 720 seems to have triggered the Idle Worker Bug again. Workers will either not build or finish building structures and some Hearthlings who were promoted to other roles will stay idle even with Queued tasks.
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Start new game or load an old save
  2. Play as normal for 10+ minutes
  3. Bug occurs around with point with no needed action from player

Expected Results:
Many to all Hearthlings will go idle after a while. Switching roles, mining or reloading game does not resolve issue.
Actual Results:
Exactly as written above
I have a save that stretched back to Alpha 11 that was running perfectly up to this build 720. The bug occured. I started a new game with Raya’s Children as I had been using the other forest clan before to see if the bug was there was well and it occured within 10 minutes. My potter stopped making anything and my Workers abandoned the only building under construction when no other tasks remained.

Version Number and Mods in use:
Build 720. No mods
System Information:
Windows 10 latest update
nVidia GTX 980
64 G RAM
3.6 Ghz Quad Core Intel


It happens with me too.
My carpenter was less than 10 blocks from a chest full of logs, yet, he refused to start his crafting, staying idle. In the crafting window, the item is marked as being crafted, with the green color background.

Edit: seems like every crafter has this problem?

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Hmm they appear to stop after picking one ingredient. :thinking:

And I was just planning on starting a massive SH playthrough :glum:

i have the same experience in my game and ended up closing it down. they do enjoy to chat alot to each other while being idle…

Any tips on how to repro in a fresh savefile?
Do they run out of ingredients at some point? Do they stop crafting after talking maybe?

I’ve seen the weaver not crafting in @BrunoSupremo’s savefile, but we’re having trouble reproducing it on other savefiles and new games.


Send us your save files and more system specs, please! Also, screenshots of the idleness, esp the task bar in the lower right corner. Are they conversing while they’re idle, or are they just doing individual idles?

My task bar is usually all yellow (ipf). Although they talk a lot, there are also a lot of idles not talking.
Oh, I was also using the better stockpiles mod. Not sure if that would affect the results or not, as I have some stockpiles without filters (all).

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Try disabling the mod and see if anything changes? Also, does anyone else use stockpile filters?

In this savegame, the herbalist Ephtus wont craft a bandage… it seem to be the last thing he needs to do before leveling up and can be promoted to a cleric…my footmen almost got killed by the goblins because of this.
I hope it is usable to locate the issue?
Oh and this is without any mods at all. (8.2 MB)


Here are my two save files. One is the large one I’ve been playing for some time, and the second is the Raya’s Children one I just started as a test. Both have the issue already taking place at this point in the save.

The File is too big to post here, so here’s a link to the zip on a fileshare.


In my case, deactivating the stockpile mod worked. People are working when ordered and talking while idle.
Edit: I can’t say for everyone, but at least for me it was caused by the mod, seem that even on pause it was taking 80% for ipf.


Thank you for the save file! I’m able to reproduce the issue on it, so that’ll be very helpful in diagnosing and fixing the bug. We will continue to actively look into this issue.


@max99x has a fix for the ipf which we hope will be ready for you early next week. Thanks SO much everyone for the saves. AI stuff is a nightmare to repro so your saves are the best bet. :smiley:


Thank @sdee and @max99x and @linda , I seem to be getting it too, Hard. I even destroyed ( i know horrible) all hearths, and rebuilt them up with new hearth and it stay the same. they would convo though, then just idle. They would idle to the point of starvation, cause farmer wouldnt farm, making the cook not cook

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In a game my crafter sometimes stopped working, while they could still do stuff, and i think i know why. For example my weaver is making cloth, and i have 3 thread, it will collect the thread but before it can pick up the last one, the blacksmith picks up a tread for armor. So the weaver doesnt have enough to finish it, however it will not switch to a different recipe. Thus it will do nothing till the end of times, the only way to fix it is to cancel the task it is working on that it cant finish.
It doesn’t matter if you have maintain 3 thread as highest priority. Once it starts on a recipe it wont change untill its finished, even if during the collecting of materials it finds out it cant make it anymore


We have pushed build 721 to the unstable/latest Steam version, which should fix this happening when loading from a savegame that originated from A21 (even if it was saved afterwards). We haven’t been able to reproduce it when starting a new game. Please let us know if you still run into this issue in the latest version!


Many thanks to @max99x, @not_owen_wilson and @linda for diagnosing and fixing this!


Has anyone noticed idle hearthlings after the update?


All my saves seem to be fixed! Amazing that you guys can do this in less than a week. You all are awesome!

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