Idle Builder in Early Game Town

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With all of TR’s focus on optimizations and memory leaks recently, I thought it might be important to call this out specifically for A14 D2795.

There appears to still be an idle hearthling issue that can present itself very early on in the game, before much of anything is going on. By all anecdotal accounts, all you seem to need to do is give all your available hearthlings tasks to do simultaneously, while also having a building actively under construction, and it’s possible a builder might go idle. That’s just my guess from observing this on different occasions over the past few releases.

Save Game:
See the save game included in the linked topic.

Note the far off look in her eyes as she stares wistfully into that wooden beam as the other hearthlings rush off to place a perimeter fence en masse:

I have noticed it as well…though the builder doesn’t stay idle forever. In the cases I have seen, he/she seems to wait for another wall (not the one he/she is standing on) to be completed, and then he/she springs back into action!

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Yes. That’s correct. In this case, Beth recovered eventually. But it can sometimes take a while, which is especially painful in the early game when you’re resource constrained from a worker perspective.


@megashub, are you still encountering this early game with release-523?

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Unknown. I haven’t started fresh since the A14 RC in order to test save continuity throughout the A15 Dev builds and to see how the game handles after months/years of continuous in-game time.

I’ll start a new one and check though. it’s really not too hard of a condition to trigger.

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Tested this in 523 last night for a few hours. Could not get it to happen. Doesn’t mean it won’t, at some point, but the early game didn’t see any idle workers.

That said, right as I was shutting down for the night, my blacksmith refused to do his job. The UI shows he has all the necessary materials to satisfy the order, but even if I uncheck all tasks except Job, he just sits there idle. The village was mostly quiet at the time too. I didn’t have much going on other than some light restocking activities and the farmer sowing the fields.

That was the first time I’d seen any inexplicable idle behavior in that session.

OK, I am going to move this to resolved for now…we did just have a similar report of non-working blacksmiths. Seemed to be related to un-pathable wood. Come chime in if you have more info:

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Looked at the thread, but it doesn’t appear to be the same issue. I have one stockpile capable of storing wood, and the rest are food-only crates. The blacksmith has been pulling wood from it all game with no problems, and there is wood present in the stockpile.

In fact, the Blacksmith workbenches are right next to the stockpile, so since it’s reachable and I do see the ingredients in the stockpile, I don’t believe this is the same.


Well, assuming you already checked the basics…nope, all out of thoughts on this one. If you want to upload the save, @yshan has been working on some non-functioning crafter things lately, she might be able to see something…