Workers Not Performing Tasks


I’m trying to push my colony to 50 hearthlings. However I am starting to notice a large amount of 'idle’activity in the Workers. Even though there is plenty for them to be doing…e.g. house building and hauling mined resources

As there is no specific error message I have uploaded the save file. It may bwe legitimate behaviour but its frustrating to see between 5-10 hearthlings being idle when a building (with all the materials available for use) is sitting unfinished.

Would appreciate any help you can give. I’ll continue to play this save file and see if I can spot anything or if the behaviour changes I will update the post.

Steps to reproduce:

1485163154869.7z (8.0 MB)

Expected Results:

Actual Results:



Version Number and Mods in use:
Release-696 (x64) [M]
‘better_stockpiles’ mod

System Information:
Windows 10

I loaded up your save, and so far everything seems to be fine. Every worker is busy doing something, be it building, hauling items, etc. Even the potters and other jobs that can build are joining in.

For what it’s worth, we both have the same version number, but I’m on Windows 7 and not using better stockpiles.

Thanks for looking so quickly. Appreciated…I’m about to switch all the workers over to Build only to see what happens. The house is getting built but far too slowly given how many workers I have and the number of ‘idle’ status I see pop up in the Hearthling overview.

What was strange is that earlier when I switched 4 hearthlings to build only it seemed to make no difference. I was expecting a burst of activity on the house but nothing major happened.

Anyway I’ll do the the full switchover and let you know.

Yep that seemed to do the trick. So all I can think of is when you have the default (i.e. all options enabled - haul, mine, build, job) the build option is further down the priority stack. So it possible if you have too much goign on the build option hardly gets selected.

This is more of a performance problem. As far as I remember, building has a very high priority already, only losing to mining. So you would see everyone building even with other tasks present. What happens is that the game is not able to think for everyone, and then an idle status is being given instead, while it process what is needed, If playing for too long, saving, closing and reloading to start fresh helps a lot with performance.