Idle Workers, possibly related to custom buildings

Idle Workers when work is to be done.

It COULD be related to a custom house being built, as it often seems to happen as they get to the end of a custom building, but all workers will just go “idle” despite much work needing to be done, and plenty of resources in the stockpile.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Build a custom house?
  2. Wait for workers to all go “idle”.
  3. Profit.

Expected Results:
That they don’t do that.

Actual Results:
They do that.

I would like them not to do that.

The guilty in action: Stonehearth Glitch Idle Workers - Imgur

Versions and Mods:
No mods, release 472 (x64)

System Information:
Windows 7 64 bit.

For me this happens if I build something crazy or have to many hearthlings.You can try to save and
reload or suspend the building.That usualy sends them back to work.Alpha 13 is out now 2 if you don’t have it try it out:).

I, I assumed I was already getting automatic updates, and would have alpha 13. Let me see what’s going on with my Steam updates.

Go to the libary select stonehearth right click on it select properties then opt in for the latest beta.
Disregard this if you already know how.

Yep, we can nuke this bug report. It appears to be fixed in the Dev versions.

Alright, marking resolved…