Idle Workers - Alpha 15

Hearthlings won’t remove walls properly. Scaffolding almost always gets stuck.
My hearthlings also just stopped building a series of buildings I was working on for no reason and are now just sitting around.

Using the latest Alpha 15 on steam.

I’m having a similar problem. My craftsmen became idle and won’t work on their ques once I got to 11 hearthlings. But I will note that restarting the game seems to fix that. Usually.

I got it to work… By sort of re-queuing the build jobs. I do notice that if you have more than one building job in progress things sort of fly off the wheels. At least for me.

And they still won’t properly remove walls. Walls seem to be a big issue.

Yes, I believe that if you have several buildings being built at the same time, the hearthlings will have a hard time. It is better to build one at a time. I think it was mentioned in a dev blog post, don’t remember which one, that it was related to the mining they do in order to build the floor.