[180] SteamUnstable - Overeager Miner Becomes Geomancer

Summary: Miner temporarily trapped inside the ground.

Steps to reproduce: Not 100% sure how this happened. Had just assigned a fairly sizable room to be excavated from the cliff face next my newly started camp. At least 5-6 workers were busy digging while I was playing with both the slice and the X-ray buttons to familiarize myself with the controls (likely only a dozen clicks on the various controls), when I repositioned my view back on the camp it had already happened.

Expected Results: Citizens won’t merge their bodies with stone.

Actual Results: Citizen Daff Quess, an aspiring Geomancer, somehow merged himself with the rocks and lived!

Several slices of (approximately) the same spot showing my aspiring Geomancer and the room he had (presumably) been digging out:

Notes: The “two” miners currently in said room are actually 2 sets of 2 miners each. I attempted to force my “geomancer” above ground by assigning him to the Trapper job, but he remained in spot (but it did show him “promoting”). I saved and let it run a short time, after which he took a power nap and emerged above ground afterwards and claimed his promotion. Upon reloading the save, he was also above ground, so not sure if uploading it would be helpful.

Versions and Mods: 180 no mods

System Information: Win8.1 64bit (running on MacOS 10.10.1 using Parallels) - playing Stonehearth through the Steam client