[Alpha 9, develop 2307] Stonehearth Freezed after giving Mining Work + More

Hello Team Radiant and Support-Team,

i just downloaded the newest branch on Steam and found some new bugs.

This is the Biggest bug I have been seen since i played Stonehearth.
I started to give my Hearthlings some Mining task and after i unselected the Mining Area, Stonehearth freezed.
Maybe i have given a too big space to mine and that was too many for the Game, idk…

Here some screens of what i was building and what i planned to build:

Bug 1

Example of how big the Mine was planned to be.

The Street and Market Place i was planning (not given the task to build it yet).

And here the Place where it was frozen game and the Mining Area disappeared

Bug 2

Also i had a Bug when the Chieftain of the Goblins came that i couldnt accept his request, just tested again and it worked again, i dont know maybe something was missing. You should make a message for the Player if he has not enough Resources.
And if u need a screenshot, sorry didnt make one of that Errorlog.

Bug 3

After the Chieftain request couldnt be accepted, a merchant was coming and i was accepting his request. He was to be back after 48 Hours Gametime. But as he returned, it gave me an error with the ending “no player id”.

Thats all i can provide for now.

I hope this is a good Help for you guys,



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