Since today I have big problem with the game

no matter if i play stonehearth offline or online via steam since today i fly out of the game. The game is still running according to Task Manager but I can not get in anymore. I often even hear the music and can not go in there. What can I do, please?

Might be a Crash to Desktop issue. Can you please post your stonehearth.log file? It can be found in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Stonehearth

I have the file but i dont know how I can sent it to you:

Try this site

Here is the file

I uninstalled the game and reinstalled it. It happens over and over

Are you able to start new games? Try turning off all your mods and starting a new game.

Go into your Steam workshop and check your subscriptions. Your Glassworks mod is erroring out. Try to unsubscribe from it and see if your game works better. Also, you had a huge collection of wolfs and and goblins around, that a few villagers were trying to attack but were not able to. The hearthlings were also trying to attack a few tiny golums after you chopped down trees and mined stone, but they couldn’t reach them.

@DaniAngione Errors with Glassworks and Dani_Core

Thx I will try it

I uninstalled and reinstalled the game, then removed the mod glasworks and started a new world. Now the game is running again but now my miners are not minern. No matter what settings I choose they are not miners rather they are idle than that they go to the mine.

Can they reach the mine (e.g., do they need a ladder built to get there)? If you select the mining region, is it suspended?

The way is clear to the mine. I stand at the beginning of the mine on flat ground to the base

Maybe chop down a tree, suspend the mining, and re-enable it to see if that works?

I tryed it. I think I need a new map once more May be once of the mods are error

Yeah, try a new map and see if you still have the problem

I have a new map started and my miner would not go back into the mine.
I have tried the following:

  • my game is reinstalled
  • available mods: ACE, easy mod difficulty, fisher + archipelbiome, German translation 1.1, Age of Giant
  • I made the miner a weaver and back again, does not change anything
  • I took out all the hoes except mining, he is just idle then

Does somebody still have an idea? I am thankful for every help. I like the game so much, but I can not play it that way.

I’m running Autoharvest, Canyon Biome (not being used for the current playthrough), Miner, and Smartcrafter. My miners are mining fine with that collection. I have to wonder if there’s a conflict with one of those mods you’re running. I would say do a series of test worlds where you disable one of those mods in each one and see if your miner changes behavior in any of them.

It’ll be a bit time consuming, however that might help you isolate the issue.

I tested without any mod, the problem remained. Now I have found that I want when I reinstalled the game the option mining zone. I did not notice that because I did not see in the game that it was possible to unlock.

Can someone tell me where to unlock it then.

Have the option taken out and my little ones work diligently. Thank you for your support and patience.

in my case the game start and black screen then no sound nothing then 2 min after it just crash

show us your log-file