Elves? Would elves suit Stonehearth?

I decided to re-create one of the stonehearth villagers and well. He doesn’t look to bad but still a bit iffy. Anyway as i was modeling i though the villager looked a bit like an elve. Would evles suit the game i though, could they be a rare race you could stumble upon and find. Could they use magic or have in their possession some kind of rare magic.

Anyway i then thought again elves are always those weird creatures who sit on top of trees and watch people or make items out of wood. Maybe they could be fighting the Dwarfs.

Anyway the question is, do you think elves suit Stonehearth?

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Elves would definitely be something that would be compatible with Tobias’s Norse expansion pack.

What kind of elves are you thinking of? Are they the cute little elves of Santa’s workshop, or something a little more stuffy like a Tolkein type of elf?

Considering that Stonehearth is going to have sentient rabbits, I think more traditional fairy creatures like elves would fit in just fine. Creating elves as a full expansion pack mod like Tobias is doing would definitely have some fans. It just will take some work.

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I started to thing about an elven model yesterday when I misread the title of the post

What about differents periods? differents eras?”

Why would you need different ears? O.o … and that got me thinking about elves.

Do elves suit stonehearth? - maybe. Does it matter if only you think so? Hell no. It’s your sandpit to play in.


Elves imo would certainly fit well there are already humans dwarfs and then elves go with them rather well see LotR for details :smiley:
I see stonehearth swaying away form a lot of magic use so perhaps like in LotR they are more archer based with agility to move faster instead of elves with magic just my two cents


I’m pretty sure in the pizza party they discussed elves, Tony seemed incredibly excited about it all but he was quickly shot down, as they wanted Dwarves first.

So, elves might find their way into the game, but I would notch that one up as something post-release … unless of course it’s modded in.

Elves will probably be modded in if they’re not added through radiant

If I’m not mistaken it was mentioned that they would like to implement Elves in the Countdown livestream. It would more than likely be a post release addition, at least for player controlled ones.

Fits better in the modding than being a part of the game since it’s Norse and Norsemen overall. Elves made their first apperance in Norse mythology which Lotr based itself upon. They are still used today as folktales in Sweden.

Its may have originated from nordic mythology but they’ve been widely adopted by modern fantasy. It wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to implement them into the game. Besides we have a kingdom that looks a bit nordic :smiley:

I would definitely like to bring álfar into Norsehearth but not as an enemy faction, the svartálfar are an entirely different matter.
Defending the settlement against a night raid of svartálfar would be good-fun/terrifying. However it maybe the case that they would only be encountered in the ‘end game’ world of Jotunheim as one of the hazards. Possibly leading back to a gate to Svartalfheim.
oooh must think on it, and get back to work :anguished:


I think you meant Scandinavian. When saying Nordic you usually include Finland and they’re not a part of Scandinavia.

Ljús/Svartálfar is today a common folktale like Norweigan have trolls and Sweden have elves.

Finland aren’t a part of Scandinavia…? I think your geography’s just a smidge out on that one…

No they aren’t. However when you mention Nordic Countries in general that includes Finland and Baltic countries. Scandinavia is it’s own as in Norway, Sweden, Faraoese, Denmark and Iceland.

It’s a easily misunderstanding but yes, Finland doesn’t count as Scandinavia.

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I don’t mean to be harsh but i don’t really care. I still stand by my case that it has been adopted into modern fantasy and wouldn’t be a far stretch. Most of my mythology-knowledge comes from Age of Mythology either way XD (it didn’t have elves in it mind you).

I think it’s less an easy misunderstanding and more a definite truth, just check here. And don’t give me the Wikipedia lies thing that everyone seems crazy with, it has admins and everything. And if you don’t believe me, the UN site officially says it is. Apparently it seems to be most Scandinavians who don’t agree that Finland’s a part of it. Sorry bro :stuck_out_tongue:

nudges conversation back on track

Apologies! As for elves, I know (well I didn’t, but I know now) that they’re from Nordic mythology, but as other people have stated, they are now very much medieval fantasy style beings nowadays. I’m certain they’d fit really well and I’m pretty sure they mentioned something about maybe creating them post-release, that being if they weren’t modded in already.

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aye… it seems @TheThunderOne has elven aspirations:smile:

Back to the original post, elves should be added in at some point, but don’t expect to see them for at least a few months after release, and probably at least a couple of months post-dwarfism.


I keep hearing of dwarves, but elves? Nothing! Wussup wit dat? Elves could be really good, like for knowledge, magic, and archery. Just wondering what happened to vowel legolas, that’s all.