My Fan Arts For This Game ( Non - Colored Cause I Suck At It )

Here is my first fan art for Stonehearth.

NOTE: Sorry… I suck at coloring.


its beautiful! :heart_eyes: :heart:

im glad that you joined the discourse, so that you can share your amazing artwork with the community :blush:

[quote=“Eckitera, post:1, topic:13061”]
Sorry… I suck at coloring.
[/quote]dont be sorry, its very beautiful as it is :smile:


Thank you! I will continue doing more whenever I have time and whenever I have thought of what I am going to draw next.


They look very nice :slight_smile:

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Here is another one. The job is non-existant on the game ( but I hope it will be implemented ). You can see the description of the job of Swordmaster at the “Class suggestions” thread.

EDIT: Here is the link to the description: Class suggestions


Oooh, the swordmaster reminds me of the ones from Fire Emblem.

Well, I kinda referenced the Swordmaster and Blade Lord from Fire Emblem on this one.

wow! you have such awesome talent, to quote @Newf, “my pencil mocks me from the other room”

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Than you! But it looks like I won’t be drawing for awhile. The laptop I am using has been confiscated by my mother. I will try to convince my mother to let me use it during weekends. If it fails, I can only continue then during either the Semestral Break and Christmas Vacation.


good luck! it would be a shame if you werent able to do more :disappointed_relieved:

I will try what I can poosibly do.


I bet if you showed her all the comments and such on this then it might help.

Good news, it seems I can use the laptop weekends and since I got nothing to do today, I made this. It’s nothing special.


Still, it’s better than I could do, and better than probably most others on the forum can do.

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Here’s another one which is the same as the Swordmaster, it is non-existant on the game.


at the moment :wink: when the archer is implented it should be “easy” to make the arbalest xD same goest to swordmaster - perhaps as upgrade class when the footsoldier reach lvl 6 he can upgrade to this xD - thats could be some idea for @Froggy :wink:

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Wherever Fire Emblem is mentioned, the Hue Jass can be found…
You just earned a new fan! :smiley: <3

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yet again you blow my mind with amazing artwork @Eckitera

Arbalest is my favorite. Love anything to do with crossbow-type weapons.

Also… the word is just fun to say. Arbalest… Arrballesstt…

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Have you considered tidying up the lines and such? I’m just wondering if something like that would make it easier for someone else to come along & colour them in (as I know you dislike this part :wink: ).

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