My Fan Arts For This Game ( Non - Colored Cause I Suck At It )


Here is my first fan art for Stonehearth.

NOTE: Sorry… I suck at coloring.


its beautiful! :heart_eyes: :heart:

im glad that you joined the discourse, so that you can share your amazing artwork with the community :blush:

[quote=“Eckitera, post:1, topic:13061”]
Sorry… I suck at coloring.
[/quote]dont be sorry, its very beautiful as it is :smile:


Thank you! I will continue doing more whenever I have time and whenever I have thought of what I am going to draw next.


They look very nice :slight_smile:


Here is another one. The job is non-existant on the game ( but I hope it will be implemented ). You can see the description of the job of Swordmaster at the “Class suggestions” thread.

EDIT: Here is the link to the description: Class suggestions


Oooh, the swordmaster reminds me of the ones from Fire Emblem.


Well, I kinda referenced the Swordmaster and Blade Lord from Fire Emblem on this one.


wow! you have such awesome talent, to quote @Newf, “my pencil mocks me from the other room”


Than you! But it looks like I won’t be drawing for awhile. The laptop I am using has been confiscated by my mother. I will try to convince my mother to let me use it during weekends. If it fails, I can only continue then during either the Semestral Break and Christmas Vacation.


good luck! it would be a shame if you werent able to do more :disappointed_relieved:


I will try what I can poosibly do.


I bet if you showed her all the comments and such on this then it might help.


Good news, it seems I can use the laptop weekends and since I got nothing to do today, I made this. It’s nothing special.


Still, it’s better than I could do, and better than probably most others on the forum can do.


Here’s another one which is the same as the Swordmaster, it is non-existant on the game.


at the moment :wink: when the archer is implented it should be “easy” to make the arbalest xD same goest to swordmaster - perhaps as upgrade class when the footsoldier reach lvl 6 he can upgrade to this xD - thats could be some idea for @Froggy :wink:


Wherever Fire Emblem is mentioned, the Hue Jass can be found…
You just earned a new fan! :smiley: <3


yet again you blow my mind with amazing artwork @Eckitera


Arbalest is my favorite. Love anything to do with crossbow-type weapons.

Also… the word is just fun to say. Arbalest… Arrballesstt…


Have you considered tidying up the lines and such? I’m just wondering if something like that would make it easier for someone else to come along & colour them in (as I know you dislike this part :wink: ).