I take Photoshop requests

Hello everyone! I am Rensius from the Knights of Friendship (YouTube Channel) and I take photoshop requests.

Just take a nice screenshot of your town/soldiers/mods/monsters or whatever interesting subject in Stoneheart and upload it here. (Press Alt + Z to hide/unhide UI)

I hope you guys come with nice shots, so together we can make some cool Fan-art! I’ll post some examples of what I made untill now:

More Art can be found here: http://steamcommunity.com/id/Rensius/screenshots/#scrollTop=0

I will not take every picture that is submitted. Only the ones I like… Remember to press Alt + Z first before taking a picture!! So submit any Stonehearth pictures of yours you’ll love to see transformed!

I am looking forward to your submissions! :smiley: :smiley:


Feel free to visit our YouTube channel: YouTube


I never noticed the similarity before, but in the first picture, I first thought you rebuilt a SH village from Lego! Just some color enhancements and blur, I guess, but now I really have the feeling, that I could just go to a store and buy the “Rayas Market Stall” box! :smiley:

Hey Radiant (or… Riot?), how about a cooperation with Lego?? :smiley:


hmm… i think i’m going to have to start taking more pictures…

going through my old stonehearth screenshots i found this one,

i think it could be a good one to photoshop…

though its been long abandoned, i actually did have a Stonehearth lego project, it was based off of the old farming village render… i really should start doing more lego based stuff…


@8BitCrab I’ll hope you’ll find some more in your old stash! Here you go :slight_smile:


woah, that looks amazing!

me too! or even better yet, take some new ones :smile:

Those are sweet pics :smiley:

Sure go ahead! It is totally free! :smiley: :smiley:

I’m a avid LEGO builder myself and would totally support you doing more building :wink: I’ve thought about making a few Stonehearth projects as well.

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i also used to be an avid LEGO builder, but then i made an account on these forums :wink:

anyways, we’re derailing this thread… let me check and see if i have any other good pis for editing.

edit: here you go @KnightsofFriendship, found a couple that i liked,

i don’t think i have anymore olds ones, time to start taking new ones :wink:


There was not much depth in your submisions, what made it kind of hard. But I think the result is pretty cool! :smiley:

Awh man, people should give me more. I love making this!


i loooooove the way the one with the footmen turned out, all of these look quite amazing!

if i get a chance, later i’ll play some more on my current town and get some more screenshots for you.

edit: do you mind if i use the footman one as my user card background?

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No sure! Go ahead! :smiley:

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Oh, oh, oh, me me me! I really like this picture as it is. Can’t wait to see V2.

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Wow, this escalated quickly! :smiley:

Well, what are you waiting for! I fully support this idea! :smiley: I used to love Lego myself, and there’s still an attic full of it at my parents… *sniff :wink:

Looking at that picture, I’m pleased to see, how close we’re already getting to that with the current game! Sure, there’s the two obvious gaps of rivers and Mammoths (both are things, I hope, which are still somewhere in the pipeline?). But there’s two more things I noticed, which would indeed be nice to have: a) The streets have some kind of “soft edge”; they’re not uniform, they don’t have a strict, repeating pattern, and they also don’t have these steep borders, that streets once had, long, long ago. That’s nice, will we get this at some point, too? (Without doing it manually, obviously.) And 2, the farmer has one giant pumpkin among all the regular ones. The current farmers can also level up to achieve “unusual results”, which unfortunately is not yet implemented. Will we at some point see those “unusual results” directly in the game, like that giant pumpkin?

What… are those things? :open_mouth:

@KnightsofFriendship I know, it doesn’t specifically fit your requirements (UI still visible), but I don’t have anything else at the moment… May I suggest the night-time skyline of my last village Helperlad: https://discourse.stonehearth.net/uploads/short-url/cw72x8N5J6anSypSSRzYE2636E4.jpg (cropped at the top and bottom, so that the UI is literally out of the picture?)

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well if i can manage to tear myself away from this game and its forums, maybe i will finish it :wink:

whatever you do, don’t let them sell it :stuck_out_tongue:

as far as i know they are! if not then i’ll be sad…

while it would be really nice to have them randomized, that could be hard to code… i don’t know anything about code though, so maybe it would actually be easy…

i’ve always loved that part of the render, it adds a bit of mystery to the farm… like how did it get that big? with lots of fertilizer? through magic? or is it even a pumpkin? you know, just kinda love how it makes you ask questions…

are you referring to the “things” that are glowing? if so, those are the Forest Rune lamps from my Rune Mod

anyways, again, we’ve managed to start derailing this thread… lets stay on topic from here on, if you wish to discuss anything from my response further, make a new topic :wink:

Done and done. ^^

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Could you happen to Photoshop this if you have time. Just wondering what magic you could pull into this seeing the beauty of your other photos.

Yes, yes they are! I’d like to thank you again for making them.

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Here you go! :smiley: