I take GIFs requests

Hello everyone! :smiley:

Since the succes of my topic ‘I take Photoshop requests’ I want to try something new. I am primarily a filmmaker and thus I want to do something with it in combination with one of my favourite games of all time: StoneHearth.

So what will I do this time you ask? Well, because you clicked the topic title I think you already know. Send in short clips of the game and let me make a cool/funny/beautiful GIF out of it!
I will upload a small version (because of the maximum 3mb upload size) here and I will put a high-res version in my drive so you can download it!

Maybe you can use it for a cool background, send it in messages and brag about how cool your town is.

You can record your screen with programs like Open Broadcast Software, OBS (free), Nvidia Shadowplay or press Windows Key+G on Windows 10. Make sure that before you record, press ALT + Z to remove your hud. You can get your hud back with the same combination :slight_smile:

Take a look for yourself:


High-Res download: Campfire KnightsofFriendshipafter highres.gif - Google Drive

I look forward to your clips, share them with me via a download link or wetransfer to knightsoffriendship@gmail.com

Love the new weather visuals by the way!!



If you are in windows 10, you can also use the windows key +G to open a video recorder.


Thanks! it’s on the list :smiley:

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This will be fun! better get some snaps from ingame soon…

Thank you for this :slight_smile: