Cinematic Camera Angles

Hi everyone, I am Rensius from Knights of Friendship (YouTube Channel).

I am a super-duper fan of StoneHearth, I have spend over 100 Hours in the game (even though it is still in Alpha), I take Photoshop Requests and make fan-art out of it, I even made a little video about the game.

Now, I love to make Machinimas (no, not the greedy company, ‘machinima’ is a film-genre). And I have nice ideas to make machinimas in StoneHearth, BUT, this requires more camera options. Such as, zooming in and out (having a variable focal lenght), pitch up and down, pan left and right and adding Depth of Field would be very nice!

This is not in the game, and I understand because it is totally optional. But it would be nice to be added in a later stadium of development, I don’t think it is super hard to make an ‘Advanced Camera’ option somewhere in the menu?

I am looking forward to any comments on my idea! :smiley: